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With a full city as their "demographic target" they can't keep busy, I doubt one with a much smaller target area will do well.I would probably prefer going to a G/L nightclub with my wife, over a club full of young rutting stags.Remember all the women who said they prefer to drink at that stripper bar in Vernon; for safety reasons? My wife and her gf's prefer to frequent homosexual taverns over the more traditional can-I-get-you-a-roofie-and-hump-your-leg-in-the-meantime-?establishments for one simple reason and I quote:"Those boys can daaaaaaaaaance so good!And although "society" has improved, it still has a long way to go.Id say we need more of a gay pub, I mean population wise I don't think we have a big enough gay/lesbian community to keep a night club a float.

Known as the Pearl of the Pacific, Puerto Vallarta is a paradise for vacationers.It's the 21st century and society has come a long way with accepting changes and the differences of others, however I feel disappointed in the people in charge of deciding who the target patrons should be for the A&B Sound location for the club. Let's make Kelowna I don't have a problem with the idea, but I think you need to ask yourself a couple things: Is there's a gay/lesbian population base large enough to support it?Will there be large enough numbers of people there so they won't feel targeted (because you know damn well that someone's going to try something)?I have went out to a club for a friends birthday or stag party about 3 times over the last few years, and all 3 times the places were dead at midnight.With a full city as their "demographic target" they can't keep busy, I doubt one with a much smaller target area will do well. It is hard enough keeping a night club profitable...

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