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a-Levano, Luis Moises (2017) Carbon Taxes, Forest Carbon Sequestration, Climate Induced Land Yield Changes, and Their Interactions Pekardan, Cem (2017) Rarefaction Effects in Low Reynolds Number Subsonic and Transonic Aerodynamics Pellizzari, Casey J (2017) Optically-Coherent Sensing and Imaging: A Model-Based Approach Peng, Hao (2017) Efficient Bayesian Machine Learning with Gaussian Processes Peng, Zhou (2017) Mass Spectrometry Based Covalent Ion/Ion Chemistry of Peptides and Proteins Pennywark, Leah (2017) Postpulp: Cold War American Detective Fiction and Postmodernism Perry, Joshua L (2017) The Production and Perception of Optional Persistent Tone 3 Sandhi as a Social Variable in Mandarin Chinese Petell, Christopher James (2017) Mechanisms Regulating DNA Methyltransferases Pienaar, Jacques (2017) Towards a Nuclear Recoil Calibration of XENON1T Pirzada, Tehmina (2017) Picturing the Girl: Understanding Muslim Girlhood through Fiction and Film Ploskonka, Rachel Ann (2017) The Interpersonal Psychological Theory of Suicide: Suicidal Ideation and Behaviors of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual College Students and Their Heterosexual Peers Polanka, Brittanny M (2017) Is Insomnia an Independent Predictor of Incident Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease Among HIV-Infected Veterans?Polezoes, Shannon (2017) Attachment as a Moderator Between Smartphone Interference and Relationship Satisfaction in Adult Couples Ponti Medeiros, Cezar Augusto (2017) The Role of Explicit and Implicit Instruction in the L2 Acquisition of Differential Object Marking in Spanish Porter, Kevin Michael (2017) Simulations of Shock-Wave/Boundary Layer Interaction on Compression Ramps Potts, Lauren (2017) Problem Definition and Causal Attribution During the Republican National Convention: How #MAGA Discourse on Twitter Framed America's Problems and the People Responsible Powell, Amanda (2017) The Effects of Phosphorus Deficiency on Digestive Resistance and the Quality of Oocystis as a Food Source for Daphnia pulex x pulicaria Powers, Robert (2017) The Light Seller: Stories Pradhan, Shankali U (2017) Quality by Design in Twin Screw Granulation Prakash, Tanmay (2017) Active Learning for Designing Detectors for Infrequently Occurring Objects in Wide-Area Satellite Imagery Pratt, Evan (2017) Cav1.2-mediated Calcium-induced Calcium Release and Regulation of c AMP Dynamics and ERK Activation in Pancreatic Beta-cells Price, Garrett Y (2017) Relationship Between Japanese Beetle (Popillia japonica Newman) Larval Density, and Microbial Community Structure in Soil Microcosms Pukrop, Josey (2017) Inclusion of Antibiotic Alternatives in Feedlot Cattle Diets: Impact on Health Status, Cattle Performance and Meat Quality Puls, Theodore J (2017) Engineering Novel 3D Tumor-Stroma Models to Bridge the Gap Between Preclinical Drug Development Aand Human Clinical Outcomes Purohit, Hitesh S (2017) Phase Behavior of Amorphous Solid Dispersions during Hydration and Dissolution Qiu, Shangzhi (2017) Self-presentation: A Link between Tourism and Health Quesada Machigua, Carlos Roberto (2017) Integrating Chemical and Biological Approaches Toward Managing Armored and Soft Scale Insects Race, Nicholas Stephen (2017) Causes and Consequences of Mild Blast-Induced Traumatic Brain Injury: From Biomechanics to Behavior Radu, Marius A (2017) Anisotropic Electron-Electron Interactions in Topological Insulators Raha, Arnab (2017) Input-Adaptive and Quality-Configurable Approximate Computing: A Full-System Perspective Rahimi, Hannah (2017) The Animals Inside Us Rahimi, Rahim (2017) Laser-Assisted Processing of Multilayer Films for Inexpensive and Flexible Biomedical Microsystems Rahman, Tanvir (2017) Classification of Road Side Material Using Convolutional Neural Network and a Proposed Implementation of the Network Through Zedboard Zynq 7000 FPGA Rallapalli, Varsha (2017) Factors Contributing To Speech Perception Outcomes With Hearing Aid Signal Processing Ramirez, Nichole (2017) Motivation of Students Who Switch from Engineering to Engineering Technology Ramos-Ortiz, Jaziel Liz (2017) Barriers & Facilitators to Providing Contraceptive Counseling to Previously Pregnant Latina Adolescents: Perspectives from Health Care Providers Located in the Midwest Rana, Neha (2017) Application of Computer Aided Drug Design to Address Protein Flexibility in Ligand-Access Pathways and Inhibition of Adenylyl Cyclase Enzymes with Small Molecules Rangel, Cirilo I (2017) How are Contractors Defining Design Assist Ranjan, Harsh (2017) A Methodology for DEM Parameter Calibration Rawat, Meghana (2017) Public Relations Practices in Grassroots Social Enterprises: A Case Study of Maitri Livelihood Services Pvt. in India Reuter, Cassie A (2017) An Experiment to Search for Systematic Effects in Long-Lived Radioactive Decays Reyes, Nancy J (2017) The Acquisition of Ser and Estar Distinctions in Spanish/English Bilingual Children Reynolds, Zachary P (2017) Identifying and Documenting False Positive Patterns Generated by Static Code Analysis Tools Richardson, Lucy M (2017) Case Study for Corridor Retiming Using Traffic Signal Performance Measures Robey, Sarah F.The Role of Identity Denial Chou, Po-Yu (2017) Performance Improvement of an Electronic Nose and Tongue System Chu, Charles (2017) Target Perceptions of Prejudice Confrontations: The Effect of Confronter Group Membership on Perceptions of Confrontation Motive and Target Empowerment Chugh, Sunny (2017) Low Temperature Graphene Growth and Its Applications in Electronic and Optical Devices Chung, Haejun (2017) Computational Design for Next Generation Solar Cells Chun, Hee-Joon (2017) First-Principles Studies of Transition Metal Catalysts for Electrochemical Reactions Clarkson, Shaun (2017) Creative Sanctions: Imaginative Limits and the Post-9/11 Novel Cleare, Sharlane S (2017) What Are the Lived Challenges Experienced by Black Females in a STEM Doctoral Program at a Majority White Institution?Collison, Katherine L (2017) Development of a Five-Factor Model Measure of Machiavellianism Colliver, Lauren A (2017) Long-Term Record of Sediment Transport and Deposition at the Crossroads of North America's Orogenic Systems, West Texas, U. A.: A Detrital Zircon View Cordova Sanchez, Mariheida (2017) Increasing the Effectiveness of Educational Technologies with the Use of Machine Learning Methods Cornelissen, Ariel (2017) Looking for a Reason: An Exploration of Why Students Empathize With Some Characters Over Others Coss, David Andrew (2017) The Case against Interest-Relative Invariantism Coyne, Mychaela (2017) Quantification of Sodium (Na) in Bone with in Vivo Neutron Activation Analysis (IVNAA) and Its Implications on Na Retention Studies Cramer, Traci Alexandra (2017) Involvement of Heat Shock Proteins in Tenderness Development and Oxidative Stability of Postmortem Muscle Crosby, Brogan L (2017) The Relationship Among Sexual Communication Satisfaction, Attachment Security, and Relationship Satisfaction in Long Distance Relationships Cruz, Erica (2017) Understanding Low SES Latinas Beliefs of Healthcare Coverage Cruz-Hernandez, Angela A (2017) Comparative Dopaminergic Neurotoxicity of Heterocyclic Amines in Primary Midbrain Cultures.Jung, Youngkee (2017) Development of Smartphone based Optical Device Justice, Andrew W (2017) The Dynamic Stress-Strain Response of High-Energy Ball Milled Aluminum Powder Kadjo, Kadjo D (2017) Storage, Adverse Selection, and Buffer Stock Releases in Benin's Rural Maize Markets Kailasam Mani, Saravana Kumar (2017) Regulation of Stemness and Metabolic Networks by Polycomb Repressive Complex 2 in Hepatitis B Virus mediated Liver Cancer Kakani, Monika (2017) Non Invasive Approach for the Detection of Human Arterial Blockages via Photo Acoustic Modelling Kalejs, Nicholas Ivars (2017) An Assessment of Reef Restoration Potential in Saginaw Bay, Lake Huron Kalra, Arjun (2017) Investigating the Crystallization Propensity of Structurally Similar Organic Molecules From Amorphous State Kamath, Tanmayee Prakash (2017) Comparison of Classification Techniques for Distributed Denial of Service Attack Detection Kanaby, Thomas (2017) Cyclic Nano-indentation investigation of Plasticity in Case Hardened Bearing Steels Kan, Brandon K (2017) Experimental Study on an Unsteady Pressure Gain Combustion Hypergolic Rocket Engine Concept Kang, Huixiao (2017) Geometric and Electrochemical Characteristics of Lithium Ion Batteries Kararo, Alex T (2017) Assessing Teacher and Student Effects of the Research Goes to School Project Kararo, Matthew James (2017) Potential Access for U. Homeschool Students to Participate in Agricultural Education and FFA Kardgar, Asefeh (2017) Measuring the Impacts of Developing Strategies for Instruction and Assessment of Infographics for First-Year Technology College Students Karim, Shahriar MD.(2017) Quantitative Modeling of Scaling of Patterns and Receptor Signaling in Morphogenesis Kasha, Andrew E (2017) Multi-Objective Design Optimization of a Surface-Mounted Heterogeneous-Pole Permanent-Magnet Machine Kaufman, Chelsea N (2017) A Shrinking Rural Population and the Future of the American Political and Economic Systems Kaur, Harjot (2017) Mechanisms and Consequences of Regulating Neurabin and Spinophilin's Interaction with the Tumor Suppressor Protein p140CAP Kawamoto, Shota (2017) The Effect of Written Corrective Feedback on Cohesion In Japanese as a Foreign Language Learners' Writing Kearns, Peter (2017) Attenuating Negative Outcomes of Mortality Salience with Awe Kennedy, John Christopher (2017) A Perfect Union: The Woman's Relief Corps and Women's Organizational Activism, 1861-1930 Keno, Hambisa A (2017) Patient Flow Modeling in the Long-term Care Network Kenzie, Daniel (2017) Defining Injury, Managing Uncertainty: Articulating Definitions of Traumatic Brain Injury Khakpour, Zahra (2017) Multibody Dynamics Model of a Full Human Body for Simulating Walking Khan, Md Ariful Hasan (2017) Parallel Graph Algorithms Through Approximation Khare, Sheifali Subir (2017) Can Use of an Online Leaderboard Increase Physical Activity of Users of Wrist Worn Fitness Trackers?Investigations into a Spatial Category in the Philosophy of Michel Foucault and Late Work of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Masson, Darryl (2018) Novel Ideas and Techniques for Large Dark Matter Detectors Mastrean, Alex (2018) Flammability Limits of Neat and Blended Alcohol-to-Jet Synthetic Fuels Matos-Ayala, Stephanie (2018) British Essentialism in Eighteenth-Century British Travel Literature of the West Indies and North America Matthews, Monica (2018) Landscape Ecology of the Eastern Massasauga (Sistrurus catenatus) Matt, Sarah M (2018) Applications of Multivariate Raman Spectroscopy Max, Joann P (2018) Mass Spectrometric Studies on a Functional Group-selective Ion-molecule Reaction and the Reactivity of Bi- and Polyradicals Mc Bride, Zach M (2018) Global Analyses of Protein Complex Localization, Oligomerization, Composition, and Dynamics Using Quantitative Mass Spectrometry Mc Dowell, Taryn Sydney (2018) Language Socialization During Study Abroad: Linguistic, Communicative, and Intercultural Competencies Mc Nabney, Sean (2018) Effects of Starch-Entrapped Microsphere Supplementation on Metabolic Phenotype in C57BL/6J Mice Mekker, Michelle (2018) Connected Vehicle Data-Based Tools for Work Zone Active Traffic Management Miller, Jamel (2018) This Is How We See It: A Narrative Inquiry of Highachieving Black Male Undergraduates at a Predominantly White Institution Mills, Kayla (2018) Effect of Cyclic Heat Stress and Supplemented Inorganic and Organic Zinc Source Levels on Grow-Finish Pig Growth Performance, Estimated Body Composition, Intestinal Morphology and Gene Expression Miralinaghi, Seyedmohammad (2018) Multi-Period Tradable Credit Schemes for Transportation and Environmental Applications Mizell, Daniel (2018) A Study oof the Piston Cylinder Interface of Axial Piston Machines Mokashi, Archit Chandrakant (2018) A Vehicle Routing Problem with Payload-Range Dependency by Fuel Consumption Moreno, Laura Ramiro (2018) Calderon's Musical Message: The Importance of the Auditory over the Visual Morman, Rosemary E (2018) BATF Regulation of Nfil3, Wnt10a, and mi R155hg during Lymphocyte Activation is Critical for B Cell Antibody Class Switch Recombination and CD4 T Helper Cell Differentiation Morrison, Talisha Haltiwanger (2018) Nooses and Balancing Acts: Reflections and Advice on Racism and Antiracism from Black Writing Tutors at Predominantly White Institutions Moss, Chelsea (2018) Father Helps Best: Paternal Social Support in Television Sitcoms Ndiaye, Cheikh (2018) Quality and Nutritional Impacts of Extrusion on Pearl Millet and Nutrient Dense Native Plant Blends Nemelka, Blake C (2018) College Readiness and Digital Badges: A Middle School Approach Nevins, Clayton J (2018) Soil Microbial Community Dynamics During the Decomposition Period of Winter Cover Crops Newton, Michelle (2018) A Systematic Literature Review of Project Management Tools and Their Impact on Project Management Effectiveness Nguyen-Vang-Phuc, Nguyen (2018) A Measure of Human-Integrated System Performance Under Time-Varying Circumstances Nguyen Vo, Dan Sinh (2018) Human Rights Treaty Commitment and Compliance: A Machine Learning-Based Causal Inference Approach Ni, Menglin (2018) Numerical Simulations of Darmstadt Turbulent Stratified Flames Using Composition Probability Density Function Transport Model Nour, Reham Osama (2018) Good CAPA Practice- A Six Sigma Approach to Reduce the Coast of Non-compliance Nunez-Mir, Gabriela (2018) Understanding Macroscale Patterns and Processes of Invasion O'Connor, Lauren Elizabeth (2018) The Effects of Consuming Red Meat on Indexes of Cardiometabolic Health and Personal Well-being Odele, Ogaga D (2018) Optical Signal Processing for Manipulating and Characterizing Time-Frequency Entangled Photons Oh, Yeonju (2018) A 360 VR and Wi-Fi Tracking Based Autonomous Telepresence Robot for Virtual Tour Okosun, Tyamo (2018) Numerical Simulation of Combustion in the Ironmaking Blast Furnace Raceway Olson, Kristen Michele (2018) "I'm Helping to Put a Man on the Moon": Communicating Higher Purpose in the Workplace Oluwatimi, Oyindamola D (2018) Applications of Context-aware Systems in Enterprise Environments Osvald, Leo (2018) Lightweight Programming Abstractions for Increased Safety and Performance Park, Joonyoung (2018) Nanoparticles with High Drug Loading and Circulation Stability for Systemic Delivery of Anticancer Drugs Parrish, Lynn (2018) Precinct and Praxis: Cultic Ritual and the Built Environment in the Greco-Roman World Patel, Mitulkumar A (2018) Rational Design of Pharmaceutical Salt Formulations by Understanding the Mechanism of Disproportionation Patil, Akash (2018) Development and Evaluation of Automated Virtual Refrigerant Charge Sensor Training Kit Patsekin, Aleksandr (2018) Feature Learning as a Tool to Identify Existence of Multiple Biological Patterns Pattenaude, Scott A (2018) Synthetically Guided Investigation of Lanthanide and Actinide Redox and Bonding Properties Pattenaude, Shannon R (2018) Hydration Shell Water Structure and Aggregation of Small Amphiphilic Solutes Pauly, Jessica A (2018) Authoring Organizational Tensions within the Roman Catholic Church: Women Religious Organize for Themselves Perrigino, Matthew B (2018) When Perceptions Aren't Shared and Relationships Aren't Parallel: The Curious Case of Family Supportive Supervisor Behaviors (FSSB) Pevey, Jon M (2018) A Review of FRP Repair and Strengthening Methods for Application to Indiana Bridges Pham, Linh Dieu (2018) Organic Smallholder Farming in Northwest Vietnam: A Case Study from Tan Lac District, Hoa Binh Province Pierce, Ingrid (2018) Sound and Hearing in Middle English Literature Pineda Galvan, Yuliana (2018) In Situ Spectroscopic Characterization of Surface-Isolated Water Oxidation Catalysts Pletsch, Elizabeth Anne (2018) Investigating the Purported Slow Transit and Starch Digestion of Whole Grain Foods Prakash, Abhijith (2018) Tunneling Transistors from 2D Crystals for Low-Power Electronic Applications Preston, Kailey (2018) A Snapshot of Vocabulary Recycling: How German Language Textbooks Treat Vocabulary Price, Joseph E (2018) Responsibly Persuaded: An Exploration of the Ethics of Persuasive Technologies Puranam, Aishwarya Y (2018) Strength and Serviceability of Concrete Elements Reinforced with High-Strength Steel Qian, Qi (2018) Quantum Transport in the Al Ga As/Ga As Two Dimensional Electron System at Half-Fillings Qian, Yizhou (2018) Understanding and Addressing Misconceptions in Introductory Programming: A Data-Driven Approach Ray, Megan Denton (2018) Mustard, Milk, & Gin Ray, Sydney (2018) Relational Ethics and Environmental Concern Reeve, Thomas C (2018) Nucleation, Growth, and Structure of Beta-Tin in Tin-Based Lead-Free Solders Ren, Yuan (2018) Morphological Changes of Neuronal Growth Cones by Intracellular Signaling and Cell Culture Conditions Rice, Brandon M.

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Kiefer, Brianna Rose (2017) The Therapeutic Effect of Speechvive on Prosody in Parkinson's Disease Kim, Ayoung (2017) Productivity in the US: The Economic Consequences of Regional Agglomeration and Immigration Policy Kim, Bomi (2017) Credit Risk Modeling and Credit Derivatives Valuation in Intensity-based Models Kim, Bong Chan (2017) Equalization Techniques for CMOS Optical Receivers with Integrated Silicon Photodiode Kim, Chung Hwan (2017) Protecting Production Systems from Performance Anomalies Kim, Daehwan (2017) Adaptation of Yeast to Inhibitors and Ethanol Fermentation of Lignocellulosic Substrates Kim, Jinhee (2017) Cross-Country Variation in the Effectiveness of the Media's Corporate Governance Role Kim, Joonsoo (2017) Context Based Tattoo Image Analysis with Applications in Public Safety Kim, Junyoung J (2017) A Wearable Smartphone-Enabled Camera-Based System for Gait Assessment Kim, Miae (2017) Cost Optimization of the Unmanned Aircraft Delivery System with Public Transportation Kim, Miran (2017) Determinants and Implications of ICTs Use in Employee Informal Communication at Work Kim, Sun Ah (2017) Two Essays in Retailing Kim, Tae Hoon (2017) Hyperspectral Image Reconstruction from RGB Data and Its Biomedical Applications King, Daniel L (2017) Organizational Diversity Philosophies and Minority Representation: Testing Perceptions of Safety and Threat in the Workplace King, Zachary (2017) P2HR, a Personalized Condition-Driven Person Health Record Kirchubel, Robert (2017) Bonapartes in Feldgrau: Army Generals and Political Engineering Under Kaiser, Weimar and Fuhrer Kleeblatt, Vivian (2017) Depth of Vocabulary in Intermediate German Textbook Knauf, Michael W (2017) Effects of Heat Treatment on Si C-Si C Ceramic Matrix Composites Knowles, J.

Geoff (2017) Impacts of Professional Development in Integrated STEM Education on Teacher Self-Efficacy, Outcome Expectancy, and Stem Career Awareness Koch, Rachel Anne (2017) Evolutionary Studies of Guyanagaster Reveal a Novel Tripartite Mutualism in the Neotropics Ko, Hyeung (2017) Ground Coordination with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Koh, Youngsol (2017) Efficient Data Processing from Network Camera and its Application Koka, Keerthika (2017) Feature Selection through Visualisation for the Classification of Online Reviews Kolb, Alexander (2017) Studies on Hydrodynamic Delivery as a Treatment for Acute Kidney Injury Kong, Ziyun (2017) All-Linear Phase Retrieval of Optical Frequency Combs via Electric Field Cross-Correlation Konsor, Kellie J (2017) Essays on the Industrial Organization of the Modern Music Industry Kormanik, Nicholas J.

Desam, Gnana Prasuna Reddy (2017) Swelling Kinetics of Waxy Maize Starch Deshmukh, Raj (2017) Development of Optimal Kalman Consensus Filter and its Application to Distributed Hybrid State Estimation Deshpande, Akshay S (2017) Supersonic Flow Control of Swept Shock Wave/Turbulent Boundary Layer Interaction Using Plasma Actuators Devarshi, Prasad P (2017) Effects of Acute Aerobic Exercise on Whole Genome Nucleosome Maps, Transcriptomics and Acylcarnitine Metabolomics in Skeletal Muscle of Lean Vs Overweight/Obese Men Dharmarajan, Subramanian (2017) Regulation of Gliosis in the Mouse Retina Dheekonda, Raja Sekhar Rao (2017) Enumerating K-Cliques in a Large Network Using Apache Spark DHue, Cedric A (2017) Screening For Cancer by Ambient Ionization Mass Spectrometry Diaz-Cano, Andres (2017) Boron Carbide: Stabilization of Highly-Loaded Aqueous Suspensions, Pressureless Sintering, and Room Temperature Injection Molding Dick, Emily C (2017) Social Perceptions of Word-Final Alveolar Stop Deletion: Examining the Meaning of a Sociophonetic Variable Dimokranitou, Asimenia (2017) Adversarial Autoencoders for Anomalous Event Detection in Images Ding, Ning (2017) Modeling and Optimizing Smartphone Energy Consumption Ding, Yijue (2017) Radio-Frequency-Controlled Cold Collisions and Universal Properties of Unitary Bose Gases Dinh, Janny (2017) Using Nonlinear Optical Methods to Investigate Pharmaceuticals and Dynamic Systems Dir, Allyson L (2017) Effects of Sexting on Perceptions of Sexual Intent, Sexual Consent, and Responsibility in Sexual Encounters Dixon Hamil, Kelly-Ann (2017) Analysis of Data of Different Spatial Support: A Multivariate Process Approach Dodge, Jason J (2017) Temporality, Ethics, and the Possibilities of Community After 9/11 Dolan, Whitney L (2017) Genetic Interactions of the Arabidopsis Mediator Complex in the Regulation of Phenylpropanoid Metabolism and Global Gene Expression Dolick, Kirstin (2017) Which Drink has More Calories? fusca (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) in Soybean Han, Kyunghun (2017) Efficient On-chip Optical Microresonator for Optical Comb Generation: Design and Fabrication Harness, Delaney (2017) Size matters: Promoting NGO agency through organizational identity in discursive structures Harre, Nick T (2017) Characterizing Distinct Glyphosate-Resistant Giant Ragweed (Ambrosia trifida) Biotypes and the Novel Rapid Response Antagonism of Selective Herbicides Harr, Michael (2017) Visualization and Mechanical Response of Damage Mechanisms in HMX Based Energetic Composites Harry, April Janae (2017) Design and Statistical Analysis of Mass Spectrometry Imaging Experiments Hashimoto-Hill, Seika (2017) Role of Retinoic Acid in Regulation of Intestinal T cells Haslem, Lauren N (2017) "Too Hot to Handle": LSD, Medical Activism, and the Spring Grove Studies Hassan, Ahmed Omar (2017) Recombinant Adenovirus Vector-Based Vaccines for Emerging Influenza Viruses Hass, Zachary J (2017) Division of Credit Modeling for Team Sports with an Emphasis on NCAA Volleyball Haugen, Mark (2017) Objectives, Goals, and Formative Assessment in the Oral English Proficiency Program Hayashi, Michael R (2017) Analysis and Mitigation of Common-Mode Behavior in Hybrid Vehicle Applications He, Cuiyu (2017) Robust a Posteriori Error Estimations for Various Finite Element Methods on Interface and Diffusion Problems He, Fangning (2017) 3D Reconstruction from Passive Sensors Hegland, Erica L (2017) Aging Effects on Suppression and Gain Reduction Estimates and Their Relationship to Speech Perception in Noise Heiden, Michael (2017) Development of Bioresorbable Fe-Mn Alloys for Orthopaedic Implantation Helfrecht, Benjamin A (2017) Evaluation of Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Encapsulation to Improve Copper Interconnects: An ab Initio Study Helmus, Tyler (2017) Investigation and Implementation of Mechanically Actuated Valves for Digital Hydraulic Units Hemphill, Dustin R (2017) Radiative Transport and Heavy Ion Collisions Henderson, Timothy C (2017) Integrated Reservoir Characterization of Potential Enhanced Oil Recovery Targets in Mature Basins: An Example from the Tar Springs Formation, Rock Hill Field, Illinois Basin, U. PCC 6803 Hiramatsu, Tomoko (2017) Small Business Success Outcomes: Do Loans and Grants Increase Success?

Effects of the Reference Amount on Food Dominick, S. Hoffmann and Pu Songling Faruk, MD Omor (2017) The Design and Implementation of Mobile Deluge on Android Platform for Wireless Sensor Network Reprogramming Fatemi, Samira (2017) Exploring the Use of Corn Stover Lignin Followed by Microbial Combustion as a Means to Recover Lead and Cadmium from Water Favaloro, Anthony J (2017) Rheological Behavior and Manufacturing Simulation of Prepreg Platelet Molding Systems Fehrman, Sarah Elizabeth (2017) Facilitating Willingness to Communicate (WTC): Communication for Academic and Social Life (CASL) Feldman, Guy (2017) Sampling Laws for Multi-Objective Simulation Optimization on Finite Sets Feng, Tianli (2017) Theoretical Phonon Spectroscopy Using Predictive Atomistic Simulations Fenton, Marieke C (2017) The Profitability of Cover Crops: Investigating the Effect of Additional Soil Organic Carbon Fernandez, Omar Jose Guerra (2017) Management of Energy Supply Chains under Uncertainty Fila, Nicholas David (2017) A Phenomenographic Investigation of the Ways Engineering Students Experience Innovation Finch, Alexander William (2017) Characterization of Porosity Defects in Selectively Laser Melted IN718 and Ti-6Al-4V via Synchrotron X-Ray Computed Tomography Finney, Brian Andrew (2017) High Level Ab Initio Energetic and Spectroscopic Properties of Phosphorus-Bearing Astromolecules Firmin, Ruth L (2017) The Development and Validation of a New Measure of Stigma Resistance Fischer, Thomas (2017) Development of an Embedded System Platform for Imaging, Energy Harvesting and Optical Communication Fleck, Trevor J (2017) Additive Manufacturing of Energetic Materials and Its Uses in Various Applications Fletcher, Trina Lolita (2017) Outcomes for Female Students Within a Summer Engineering Program: Single-Sex Versus Coeducation Forester, Summer Nicole (2017) Security Threats and the Policy Agenda: Understanding State Action on Women's Rights in the Middle East Forte, Joseph (2017) Classical Perspectives on Contemporary Populism Fosu, Richelle (2017) Decision Making Processes for BIM Software Selection in the U. Hoffman, Andrew Joseph (2017) Abstract Algebra for Teachers: An Evaluative Case Study Ho, Kacie K. Y (2017) Microwave-assisted Extraction of Tomato Peels and Physicochemical Stability, In Vitro Bioaccessibility, and Cellular Uptake of Lycopene-Loaded Emulsions Hoover, Fushcia-Ann E (2017) Investigating Barriers to Implementing Stormwater Control Measures Using a Mixed Methods Approach Hope, Steve B (2017) A Closer Look: How Elementary Principals' Perceptions About Teacher Mindset Impact Instructional Coaching Hornaday, Cody (2017) Response of Continuous Corn to Varying Rates and Placements of Starter Fertilizer Hoss, Darby Joseph (2017) Adhesion Characterization to Improve Trace Explosives Detection Using Mesostructured Polymers Hota, Ashish Ranjan (2017) Impacts of Game-Theoretic and Behavioral Decision-Making on the Robustness and Security of Shared Systems and Networks Houghton, Dustin M (2017) The Effects of Carbon-Rich Soil Amendments on Native and Non-Native Prairie Species Hsu, Hui-Ching Kayla (2017) Cultivating Asian Students' Willingness to Communicate in American Classrooms Using an Online Video-Based Pre-Arrival Course Huang, Chenyu (2017) Applying the ADS-B out to Facilitate Flight Data Analysis for General Aviation Huang, Jianjun (2017) Static Analysis of Android Apps with Text Analysis and Bi-directional Propagation Huang, Whitney K (2017) Statistics of Extremes with Applications in Climate Hughes, Hayley A (2017) Collegiate Women Athletes: Contribution of Attachment, Identity, and Athlete Engagement to Meaning in Life Hui, Jonathan Fong-Ching (2017) Fatigue Life Improvement of Welded Girders with Ultrasonic Impact Treatment Hu, Kai (2017) Mindwriter: An Integrated Word Processing Environment for Academic Writing Hung, Yu-Han (2017) Molecular Mechanisms Determining the Fate of Intestinal Triacylglycerol Hunter, Brian C (2017) Essays on Microfinance Hunter Smith, Shirley Diana (2017) "Gentlemen of Elegant Appearance in a State of Bustitude" Woodruff Place and Indianapolis, 1870-1910: A Novelist's Approach and the Historian's Reality Husbands, Dillon Raynel (2017) New Species and Records of Carbonaceous Ascomycetes from Guyana, Including a New Potential Pathogen of Greenheart Husen, Nicholas M (2017) Skin Friction Measurements Using Luminescent Oil Films Hu, Wan-Lin (2017) Quantifying Designer and User Factors in Engineering Design Using Psychophysiological Measurements and Human Responses Hu, Xinghe (2017) Casual Information Visualization-Based Major Consulting System Design Hwang, Tzu Heng (2017) e Ga N Fet Based Integrated 3 Phase Brushless DC Motor Drive Hyun, Hyesun (2017) Surface Modification of Polymer Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery to Solid Tumors Ibrayeva, Aizhan (2017) Numerical Modeling of Thermal Edge Flow Ilatikhameneh, Hesameddin (2017) Steep Sub-Threshold Swing Transistors Iles, Keri (2017) Transitioning Towards Small-Scale Farming: Insights from Indiana Indulkar, Anura S (2017) Phase Behavior and Membrane Transport of Supersaturated Solutions in Complex Media Ishihara, Myles S (2017) Hybrid Modeling of Cold Plasma For Reconfigurable RF Systems Israelsen, Andrew (2017) Kant and the Unity of Nature Iyer, Swarnalakshmi M (2017) A Case Study on Monetary Fraud in a Cashless Economy Jackson, Galen R (2017) Transient Cooling Using Organic Phase Change Materials Jain, Ashwini (2017) Analytics Protocol for Data-Driven Decision-Making in the Construction Industry Jaini, Rohit (2017) A Computational and Experimental Investigation of Lignin Metabolism in Arabidopsis Jain, Kaushal Kamal (2017) Modeling of NH3 Storage in Vanadia-Based SCR Catalyst for Urea-Dosing Control in a Dieselelectric Hybrid Car Jain, Prateek (2017) A Certification-Seeker's Approach to the LEED Process: Identifying Trends and Understanding Motivations Jain, Upasita (2017) A Drone Forensics Investigation Framework Jain, Utsav (2017) Computational Analysis of Spray Jet Flames Jain, Vaibhav (2017) A Wearable Paper-Based Dermal Platform for Monitoring Perspiration Janetsian-Fritz, Sarine S (2017) Early-Life Trauma Alters Hippocampal Function During an Episodic Memory Task in Adulthood Jang, Sujin (2017) Methods for Analyzing Natural Patterns and Physical Ergonomics of Human Gestures in Mid-Air Interaction Jarry, Kaitlyn V (2017) An Exploratory Study of How Acute Neuromodulation of the Subdiaphragmatic Branches Regulates Inflammation Javaid, Wasif (2017) Design of a Vehicle Automatic Emergency Pullover System for Automated Driving with Implementation on a Simulator Jensen, Bjoern J.

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ando en Manchego: Representaciones oniricas del "Quijote" Page, Jessica C (2017) Secondary Injury Mediating Myelin Damage following Traumatic Injury to the Central Nervous System Paik, Song E (2017) Effects of the Acculturation Process on Gender Role Beliefs and Relationship Satisfaction in Korean American Partner Dyadic Intimate Relationships Palmer, Eric W (2017) Perceptual Disambiguation of Projected Ellipses Panchmatia, Parth (2017) The Effects of Air-Cooled Blast Furnace Slag (ACBFS) Aggregate on the Chemistry of Pore Solution and the Interfacial Transition Zone Pan, Jing (2017) Biophysics of DNA based Nanosystems Probed by Optical Nanoscopy Parab, Niranjan D (2017) Fracture of Spherical Particles under Compression Parge, Rohan (2017) How effective are non-monetary incentives in motivating dormitory residents to save energy?

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