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) • Role play • Definition of Fetish • Basic types of fetishes while debunking some of the more common fetish myths.

• Fakers – Those who claim to be everything to all people!

" Immediately students around the room shoot up their hands and offer answers.

As an ELL student, you are still searching your memory banks to translate the words "ancient" and "pyramids." You've finally got the meaning, now you are thinking about the possible answers — again searching your memory for what you've learned in class and read in the textbook.

You think you have a viable answer, but you're not sure if it's right or exactly how to say it, and if you make a mistake others might laugh at you.

At this point you may decide to offer an answer, but the teacher has already moved on and asked two new questions.

Let's do a "think-pair-share." Everyone take a moment and think about the question."The room is silent for a minute while everyone reflects.

This can reinforce the student's confidence in his/her thinking and provide modeling for how to say the idea correctly in English.

The teacher lets students share for a couple of minutes and then brings their attention back."Okay, I heard lots of good ideas. "At this point, when students offer an answer, they have had some time to work with the concepts and also may feel that they are not offering the idea "on their own" but as part of a pair, which may not seem so intimidating.

The average wait time for teacher questions is one second!

For an ELL student it may become a habit to sit back and listen while others engage in class discussion.

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