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Other researchers, while agreeing with the main thrust of this study, questioned the choice of calibration points used to synchronise the data.

There is no photographic evidence of their use by German troops and they are most often found on VZ24 or commercial 84/98's, although at least one is reported as coming on an army blade picked up in Normandy.The arrangement of pectoral elements and the number of vertebrae are some guides, but the degree of vertebral articulation and the arrangement of the bones in the leg have not been found to be reliable indicators.The early proto-frogs developed from temnospondylid ancestors in which some of the elements of their vertebrae remained separate.I seem to have fallen into collecting frogs, a bit by default really.If you want to collect frogs, then Anthony Carters book on bayonet frogs is the essential reference, and I have used his references for the frogs shown below (CBF XXX), or given credit to the person who has Identified a frog not to be found in Carter as despite the large number of frogs he has there are many not in the book .

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