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I've tried to keep my father away from you, but he's obsessed. You're always telling me how you don't want to turn into your father, and I truly believe that. Lex: You knew all along my father murdered his parents, didn't you? I always assumed there was a tacit agreement among friends to share that kind of information with each other. Lex, your father threw you into a mental institution and fried your brain.

If I'd got back those seven weeks, I could've finally stopped him. But the more you two go at each other, the more like him you become. Clark: I know you want to believe it, but I'm not your savior. If you found that out all over again, I thought he might kill you, and I couldn't live with that.

I mean, did you ever think that Jeremiah really is Naman? Lex: There's so much of my own life I can't explain. I felt as if a different kind of energy had been inside me.

He has all the abilities foretold in the prophecy, and he's gonna try and kill Segeeth. A friend is someone who would stand up for you and protect you. I've survived countless brushes with death, and it all started with this car crash. Jason: No, I'm supposed to meet my, uh, my girlfriend here.

The girl who kicks the crap out of me at XBox and thinks it's hysterical. And then you held me in your arms and you told me I was just special. Clark: Every handshake, every hug, every time I'm out on that field, I make a conscious decision to fall when those guys hit me so they don't get hurt.

I mean, I have seen you with the stomach flu where your eyes were puffy and your nose was running, you're yakking--Jonathan: I realize that, Clark. Why else do you think I came to Smellyville looking for you, man? No matter how hard you try, you can't understand that.

Clark: The truth is, he's been lying to me from day one. Mom, remember when I was six and I was playing tag with Dad, and all of a sudden I started running faster than I'd ever run before, and I was in the middle of Palmer woods completely lost.

More than once, I've touched people and seen such pain and despair and - But then you were there and the pain was gone. When they asked him why, he said he figured Fate couldn't find him twice. Before we go inside I need you to remove all your cellphones, pagers, jewelery. Jonathan Kent: Believe me, son, I know all there is to know about losing your temper. This is Phelan’s game, and he will play your fear and your anger but you cannot let him get to you. You think I don't see the way your parents look at me? I'm also mad that you didn't put out the Chicago fire of 1871, or prevent the fall of the Roman Empire, making you directly responsible for the Dark Ages. Well I'm sick of her and all of her talk about her dead parents. Man is something to be overcome." Sun Tzu, Machiavelli, Nietzsche. And my father only knows one way of dealing with competition. I know he didn't try to buy me off, he's just trying to repay me for damages that he thinks he caused. The first thing she wanted to know was where she could buy a copy of the Planet so she could keep in touch with civilization. My father wants me to believe it's built on trust, but it's not. Any relationship with that foundation is destined to fail. Lionel Luthor: When Alexander the Great was dying, his generals asked who he would leave his empire to. Your father and I have tried to shelter you as long as possible, but one day we won't be there for you. Yeah, they can be petty and dishonest and betray each other over nothing. And they would give up everything to protect someone they love. Professor Fine: The only way to save your mother is to destroy the fortress. I wonder how Martha Kent would feel if she knew you had a secret meeting with her husband right before he died. I had my hands around that guy's throat, and I thought that if I just kept squeezing the life out of him, then it would make everything right again. You are going to touch the lives of so many people. that ended up having a vicious ninja lady attached to it who chased me onto the roof and then almost beheaded me and went rappelling over the side of the building. Lois: You think the lacerating ropes and platinum fembot... They're gonna be on your doorstep soon, holding you up as a volunteer. You made one fatal mistake -- you trusted them, the people. Chloe Sullivan: He can't listen all the time, Lois. He can't be aware of every bird or blade of grass, okay? You only sign up if it's the only thing you can ever imagine doing.

Afterwards he bought the hotel...always stayed in the room. Chloe Sullivan: Well, I am perturbed with you, Clark. For once I am not afraid of life and nobody can handle it cause you all prefer the insecure little girl. Clark Kent: You know, I remember the first time I met Chloe. She'd just transferred from Metropolis and I was assigned to show her around. Lex Luthor: We have a complicated relationship, Clark. As long as you live, people will try to exploit you. You've taken bits and pieces of your surroundings and created an alternate universe where you feel safe and secure. in a world where you truly have no power, you chose to give yourself superpowers. Chloe: No-no-no, it was just internet interception... So, in all those nights together, somewhere between brushing teeth and spooning in the sheets, you didn't think that it might be a good time to mention that you prowl the streets with green leather and a compound bow? Lois, you've had a lot of questions about The Blur, it's me. You can be a symbol to inspire everyone that this planet could be a better place. You've become the politicians' poster boy for full disclosure. You should have stayed out of the spotlight, but you wanted celebrity. But before the end of days, his rapture will be the only salvation. Lois Lane: (wedding vows to Clark) I wanted these vows to be perfect, but perfection's a hard thing to get your hands on. And when it comes to love, I think it's like my dad always said about the army.

I spent 12 hours a day with the guy out in the fields. This dude was determined to pound dents into every kid in the school. He was just about to take my head off when Clark jumped between us. My father made every question a quiz, every choice a test. This was my last chance to prove myself and he just assumed I'd fail. In modern times, a sword in the chest might seem a little extreme. You're just a small man whose son's destiny is too big for you to comprehend. Jonathan Kent: The first time Clark used his abilities, he'd crawled under a big oak bed that my grandfather had made, and I crawled underneath it to try to get him out. He was a toddler lifting, I don't know, 500 pounds over his head. With my luck I'd probably end up across the desk from the most bumbling reporter on the masthead. How will you affect the world around you for generations to come? Professor Fine: Luthor Corp practically owns your hometown Smallville. The way I look at it, I had no place to go, but up, up, and away. The problem was, she turned out to be his best friend's wife. He sent his best friend off to die in battle so he could have her to himself. Chloe Sullivan has supplied me with all the information I need: his true identity, the powers he possesses and uses. Accept my support, and I can guarantee you a seat in the senate. The reason betrayal is such a predominant theme throughout history is really quite simple. If you bring down his fortress, you will save your mother from his grip. Granny Goodness: I've been training my girls for decades not to blend into society -- but to conquer it. It got me to thinking that, in order for The Blur to be a true beacon of hope, maybe people need to see my face, too. And I know you'll make the right choice and become the hero you're destined to be. Well, if you feel that way, maybe, uh, I should start dressing for the part. So I promise that I will always have your back as you will always have mine.

Clark Kent: Look, Earl worked on the farm for six seasons. Anything that jangles, dangles or rings can go in these plastic trays right here. Pete Ross: There was this bully three grades ahead of us. He put him through a door, as in splinters and broken hinges. Lex Luthor: Do you know what my father gave me for my tenth birthday? They were the voices that nurtured me after my mother died. Don't cause a scandal." That's not love, that's public relations. When my father dies, kings will come to his funeral, but when yours does, his friends will come. My father sent you here to spy on me because he's afraid of how well I'm doing. Lex Luthor: You know, in ancient Persia, the kings would kill a messenger who brought them news they didn't like. When she found out I lived on a farm, she insisted I invite her over to experience it first hand. When I brought her up here, she just kissed me, right out of the blue. Some of them have been extinguished for thousands of years, but their light is only reaching us now. If he would appoint a successor, it would keep the legacy intact... His answer was simple, 'I leave it to the strongest.'Roger Nixon: He's not your son, you deluded hick! You can kill me if you want for saying this, but you know I'm right. And you're gonna have to carry the burden of your gifts on your own. Even if I could spell, the last thing I'd wanna do is spend my time in a newsroom. The paper of record for kings, presidents and prime ministers; not to mention future superheroes. It's because at the end of the day, people don't respect them; they envy them. Lex: And afterward, he saw a beautiful woman bathing and fell madly in love. Well, if history teaches us one thing, it's that even the most powerful men can be betrayed by those they trust the most. This race shows promise, but at this point in history, they are still duplicitous by their very nature. Jor-El's will is controlling her virus through the crystals. Now, a transgression like that would test the virtues of even the most forgiving woman. might have something to do with my lack of empathy? Get up all the other heroes to stand up and be counted and be killed. They're vulgar, uneducated, and stupid, and they don't even know when you're fighting for them. Clark Kent: Well, when I saw those people willing to defend me, it was inspiring. Lois Lane: If you're talking about my Whitesnake throw pillow, loving everything about me includes the sentimental. And I talked to Oliver, and he told me how smoothly he and Chloe fused their hero green and geek chic. Do you really think that having powers is the only thing that makes you Kryptonian? And Clark, I cannot imagine spending a moment of my life without you.

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