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Once they meet up, Morikawa believes that the cause for the zombie hordes, was the work of a malevolent foe, who had likely broke a hole between the dimensions of Earth and the Rotten World, who may intend to create a permanent gate between the two.Sensei states that the only way to end the apocalypse is to defeat the foe and kill all of the remaining zombies.Searching for Nick through the Parking Lot, Juliet finds various students in need of an assistance.As each student gets saved, officers from a helicopter arrive to rescue them.If you can't find the word listed where you expected it, try looking for it using a related vowel or consonant, e.g., "tzores" (trouble) can be found under "tsores." Some of these alternate spellings are cross-listed.Nouns are indicated by the use of the definite article, "the," following the word.

The most common of these is the "ch" or "kh" sound found in German and Hebrew.Also, different spelling versions exist because Yiddish pronunciation varied according to the region of the speaker: the main "dialects" were Litvak (Lithuanian) and Galitsianer (Galacian); some differences in pronunciation (and thus rendering into the Roman alphabet) were so great as to make speakers sometimes unintelligible to each other.In this Glossary an attempt has been made to use the most common spelling variant.As she grasps Nick, the two have a dramatic moment together, realizing Nick will soon become zombified.Determined, Juliet saves him by removing his head from his body.

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