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See if you can imply more than you state in the poem, perhaps some sort of family dynamic. It is interesting to look at “The Short Way to the Beach” from at least two points of view: a) its relationship to the book’s title and overall theme, and b) its use of form. You might want to read a formal translation of Dante’s Divine Comedy (Robert , for instance) to see a rather famous use of the form. For another use of the same form, read Robert Frost’s “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.” Now try your hand at this form, perhaps in a poem that describes a child’s perilous journey, short though that journey might be. Consider the ending of “Souvenir” in which a “gentle sway of blue” vanishes “into the flowered meadow.”What, for you, is the psychology of the child’s act? Try a poem of your own in which a child (perhaps you, perhaps not) performs an act inspired by the same sort of feeling present in “Souvenir.” 8. He wrote and wrote and wrote, with no time to live or work or even think too much.

“My Father’s Heart” is breath-taking in its combination of strong emotion and strict form. This sounds humorous, maybe, but the man obviously had a sickness.

Mele Dancing in Eurynome’s Shoes Nancy Fitz-Hugh Meneely Letter from Italy, 1944 Susan T. Murphy In Defense of Worms Marilyn Nelson The Meeting House Patricia Horn O'Brien When Less Than Perfect is Enough Lana Orphanides Searching for Angels Jim Pearce Slant Light October's Gallery Paul Petrie Paul Petrie: The Collected Poems Garrett Phelan Outlaw Odes Mollie Pilling Journeys Pit Pinegar The Physics of Transmigration Curt Plaskon Life: Still the Greatest Show on Earth Norah Pollard Lizard Season Death & Rapture in the Animal Kingdom Report from the Banana Hospital In Deep Wanda S.

Praisner Sometimes When Something Is Singing Bruce Pratt Boreal Diana M.

For examples see "The Summer I Decide Who I Am" and "Snake Song." Some poems of lines, also in syllabics but without a strict rhyme scheme also have the feel of a sonnet, as in "The Way the Dark Opens Out into Light" and "The Harbor." What is gained by the different uses of the sonnet form in these poems? Then revise the poem into fourteen lines, then into syllabics, and then into slant rhyme, following either the English or Italian sonnet rhyme scheme. (For a survey of sonnet forms, slant rhyme, etc., web-search “Poetic Forms.”)2. Try writing a poem (or story, essay, letter, dialogue…) in which you describe some particularly frustrating experience. Assuming another’s personality and voice, as Mark Twain did in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and J. You might want to try your hand at a poem that catalogues a variety of things or events. The statement might be a saying of a parent or teacher, a line from a song, something overheard in conversation, etc. Play with the possibility of sustaining a metaphor, image or theme, just as Look at “Imagination” (p. What I was wanting to do after I came up out of the darkness was to climb up on a soapbox and give a speech. Even the great William Saroyan in Darkness Visible could not capture it.

Consider mixing the humorous and the serious, and see if you can incorporate a general truth in your writing, as Hall does at the end of “Driver’s License.”3. 65) Hall juxtaposes seemingly unrelated ideas—the arrival of fall and the Roman invasion, cracked acorns and cracked skulls. Write a poem in which the first section moves in one direction, and the second section in a completely different direction. How about a “how do I love (hate, fear…) thee, let me count the ways” sort of poem? It should be a statement that infuriates you or rouses some sort of strong emotion. Several years later I decided to make a record, a poem about my hospital stay.

THOUGHTS ON THE POEMS IN FIRST MEMORY Author’s Note: This poem really is about my earliest memory: I must have been two or three years old. WORMS Reading: Does the child narrator’s misconception about the origins of the worms she sees after a rainfall reflect anything about her attitude toward life?Zaret Journeys When You Can't Do Any More Geraldine Zetzel Traveling Light 1. What epigraph or epigraphs would you choose for a collection of your own poems?Consider titles—of the book, of its three sections, and of individual poems such as “The Way the Dark Opens Out into Light,” “Falling,” and “Stone.” Look at the titles of your own poems and find one that might be more suggestive, simpler, or less obvious. Try ordering a group of your poems for a chapbook of 15-25 pages. Consider line breaks when reading the poems in Stumbling.How does the author vary the end words and what is the effect of that variation? Consider how imagination functions in each poem, how it shapes the poem, how imagination might also shape the life of the poet.9. I've tried writing poems about paintings or about subjects suggested by books on writing, but they have always been bad poems. They were all talking to each other, and it was like one actor holding forth in front of one of those department store three-angled mirrors. I can paint a real scene or recount a real situation, but I can’t create. In the title poem, “Report From the Banana Hospital,” I have changed two names. Grimakis is a combination of a nurse and a doctor (who, hopefully, have found new careers). Anyway, all this is to say that "The Banana Hospital" is true, critique it as you will.Think about a scientific theory that connects in some way with your own experience, and use that as a metaphor to explore your experience. Or write a letter/poem to a lover, ex-lover or would-be lover, as Hall does in “Letter to 10. What makes the poem so moving is the degree of empathy it shows. Poems like this based on the lives of literary, artistic or cultural celebrities—people who have lived “on the edge”—can allow a writer to explore the sort of extreme behavior or startling event that throws light on the true nature of life. The Physics of Transmigration is a love story, but it does not follow the usual prescriptions that Hollywood and the media generally set forth, since the love she describes does not end neatly with “and they lived happily ever after” and since she asks questions that we are not accustomed to asking: Try writing a poem about what a “lost” love, a recalcitrant child, an impossible family member, a former close friend taught you about your own capacity to love. Part of the reason for this habit was my misguided notion that, if the poem were true, the audience could not criticize it. Sometimes I have added a detail, like the hooker's little dance at the end of the poem. When I finally got through the depression—five years after it had begun and about a year after my hospital stay— I felt a messianic zeal to educate the world about depression.

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In fact, her poems are full of abrupt changes or contradictions. This could mean a shift in style or form, or a chance to explore an issue on which you are divided; for example, two sides of the self might address each other as in a debate or dialogue.4. Usually it is a small thing that brings back memories of our childhood, in this case an abundance of red cars (and, later, an abundance of black-and-white television ads). I decided to make it humorous so that it would be palatable, and also because it was humorous. So my poems are a selective record of my life and what I've seen. It was in 1983, at the age of 43, that I started writing.

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