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Ultimately, I like that this fragrance is daring in it's own way and fits a personality or style.

I would rather have more fragrance like this than cookie cutter ones and the quality is here.

Craps all over L’Homme and a real mans man fragrance.

Modern, professional-smelling grapefruit with plasticky fresh vetiver accord.

Grey Vetiver is purely just a traditionally strong, solid, clean as "cut and dry", masculine fragrance for very mature men, as they usually say:"Hey, no bull sh*t" :) This is the one that will earn you respect. It's not pretending to be anything that it isn't which is definitely nice.

Grey Vetiver by @tomford is a winner, it's a fragrance all men should own. It neither screams, nor shout, but makes it's presence known.

This tells people you got your "game" together and you are confident. Tom Ford Grey Vetiver EDP is a vetiver based scent released in 2009; it's accompanied with grapefruits, oakmoss and some woodsy notes. I can say without a doubt that this is one of the best vetiver fragrances in the world. I’m not the biggest fan of this and wouldn’t buy it at this present moment but I can pay my respects.

It is more of a casual/formal vibe scent, luminescent light ,dirtied up by vetivers earthy connection, with soapy/ clean background.

Grey Vetiver will always be on my shelf To me, vetiver and grapefruit are the two main ingredients together to define how masculine a men's fragrance is.

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