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40 YEARS TOGETHER AND HE HAS HAD A MIDLIFE CRISIS My husband and I have been together since we were 16 and 17 for 40 years. 41 year old man broke up with me because I can't have a baby I met a man who is 41 years old and has never been married and has no children. as a wife of a 50 yr old man who has to be married to me for almost 6 yrs......can i have to do to excite him Have been married second time 6 yrs... Old Div Woman This is much more involved than I can write here, but I'll try to be as brief, but thorough as possible. midlife crisis - I don't know who he is any more My husband left me and my daughter four months ago and was having an affair with a 28 year old collegue,in the space of twelve weeks he left us moved in …

We have two beautiful adult children, they have good jobs and never given us … my husband has a decreased sexual appetite.wondering if there is a way I can find out sincerely is … I am 58 and met this girl (28) online 2 1/2 years … i found out someone was asking him for a fling but told me he wasn't interested. married for 32 years of marriage and a girlfriend now. My dad - clearly having midlife crisis and refuses help My dad finally told me that he was feeling stale and numb and not sure if hes in love with my mum anymore - after 28 years of marriage - now - 3 months …

From my experience, many of my visitors questions are similar. Husband of 9 years returns from 4 months at work and then tells me he needs time to clear his head Hi,my story begins with well I was previously married for 14 years to my ex husband.

he says he wants time away from me, does not want to kiss me all of the time..he is away he seldom calls and checks on me....bought a harley motorcycle, … Do men tend to leave their wives when they don't touch each other or kiss?

Why does he go from sweet and attentive to mood and distant? Do men leave their wives when they live separately 20-30% of the time don't touch or kiss?

Before he left he told me it wasn't me it was him, he was unhappy with … Could this be a Midlife crisis Hi Having been married neally 21 years,these past two years have been rough,communication has broken down,he only talks about things when it suits him. separated for 5 months fate of marriage unknown my husband and i have been together for 10 years and he walked out on me very unexpectedly. He is turning 50 this year and it really has been bothering him. Husband is 42 years old and all of a sudden very emotional!! As we all know, a man's mid-life crisis has NO explanation...

My once loving husband has turned into a monster My husband of 23 years left me 5 weeks ago after I found out he was having an online affair with a woman he met playing online games.. is My 41 Yr old Husband Starting a Midlife Crises lately for the past year myt 41 year old husband has been i dont even know him anymore..will be married 20 yrs this august..… My husband has always been a strong man and now he cries over alot of stuff!! Noel's response I am not sure why men often become emotional … BUT..he CHOOSES to remarry a younger woman and then CHOOSES to intentionally have twins …

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I have been to a counselor and went through all the details of his behavior … I met the most wonderful sweetest person March 6th, 1999.

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