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Second, when trying to switch to a better carrier it is damn near impossible to get your phone unlocked.I called over 48 hours ago (the time they told me it would take to unlock it) and they said my phone would be unlocked by then.I called Apple and they told me my phone was not new. I called Sprint to tell them about their Fraud and I was cursed out, hung up on, and not helped by not only their customer service but the managers as well. Their customer service is horrible and they care nothing for their customers.I have been with Sprint before this incident for over 20 years. They wanted me to pay more after contract cancellation, amount I refused to pay.I don't want to make it a long message but if someone wants to know facts, please inbox me or call me at ** My advice to you is PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM SPRINT! Post on July 15th: As I said before, I have been a customer since 1998 or 99... After year 1, my bill went to 2 and then to 2. My question is this: why was I not told about this when I asked about the policy. I would absolutely never recommend their service to anyone.

Finally after 2 years, we bought out 2 devices so we can own them and guess what, they will not unlock our devices.

The porting of my phone went through so I don’t have service. Third, this is going to be the third time I have to go to the Verizon store to try to get a hold of Sprint to see why my phone is not unlocked and I’m sure they will give me some excuse. I know this because I'm going with the #1 Customer Service Cellular company by J. I want my number and there is a LAW that allows me to take the number wherever I want to go. Since the beginning we should've seen the disaster we were getting ourselves into.

So SPRINT not only was a bad company that kept increasing my they burnt a bridge, and I would never even consider going back even if they offered everything (data, calls, text, & VM) for my 2 lines for a month. 2 years later, after our bills have gone up and up and up for no reason and it's always a mistake that will be fixed as soon as you pay your bill and clear everything next month.

They have a store with a machine that does NOT give cash back if you do not have the right amount of your bill!!! I'm no longer on contract with them for my device yet they're still taking monthly fee out!!! But I still owe on the device and that balance has NOT gone down, was told it was because of the quote "fair market value" yes, a hock of crock!!! Updated on 07/16/2018: After writing my initial review earlier, I went to their corporate store and was told that I could pay my device off with cash!!! I have directed countless family members and friends to sign up with Sprint... This company has become so bad that it is criminal... I have to make sure that I take more people away from Sprint than I have sent to Sprint… They will promise you things which will turn out to be a blatant lie after 3 months or so. And this is coming from a customer for almost 20 years!!! When I switched from Verizon to Sprint, I was told that my monthly bill will be cut in half and the maximum payment will not reach 0 (family plan of 4 phone). After the first two years I went back to the store to return the phones and cancel the service. A lot of the people they have working at their stores and over the phones lie! I check my account this morning and saw that I am in the negative because they charged my account for 500 some dollars for early termination fee.

The other rep told me that I couldn't and that it had to be with a card, really? Below is what I posted on Sprint's Facebook page on two separate occasions. The reason they get away with it is because people don't have the time to take them to court. I know all companies have issues but I don’t think others are as criminal as Sprint is. Post 3: Below is what I posted on one of Sprint's posts where they were marketing a lie! The clerk told me that to cancel I will have to pay 0 for leasing the phones. mistake in trying the 5 phones for what was stated by Sprint 0.00. Mind you that I chatted, called, and went in person to ask about the canceling process in regards to having to pay a fee.

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They were just some third party I was speaking with and did not work for Sprint. I told the CSR I was never told about a contract nor did we agree to a contract.

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