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Kliff and Vox for responding to me; it’s always neat to get featured in real news sources as if I were a real writer or something instead of just a guy with a blog.

Additional thanks for a very measured and charitable tone despite my own tendency toward snarkiness.

Brand-name drugs are overpriced because of a deliberate decision to overprice them to encourage research.

The economic argument goes: the more profitable new drugs are, the more incentive a company has to make them.

[…] Alexander and I are both essentially pointing out two examples of how the United States has created a regulatory system that is incredibly favorable to pharmaceutical companies.

If we didn’t reward pharmaceutical companies for inventing new drugs, then they wouldn’t go through the .5 billion, ten-year hassle of seeking FDA approval with no guarantee of success.

The way we reward them is by giving them a twenty-year monopoly when they can charge lots of money without anybody telling them not to. The law says a twenty-year monopoly, but it’s dated from the time the drug is invented.

I would kind of like to complain about Vox calling Epi Pen a “red herring” when they were the ones who brought it up, but I think the problem is deeper than that.

Discussing generic drug costs is completely different from discussing brand name drug costs, and the two issues have very different arguments around them.

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I didn’t want to wade into this complicated debate. The results can be interpreted as further evidence of the deteriorating effect of regulation on firm’s incentives to invest in R&D.” 3.

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