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You feel me being close and than I stop and take my cock out and turn you over.

You lie on your back and I take off your blindfold and satnd right over your face and start wanking.

I wank and cum in your mouth and face and on your nose and put it in your mouth until I am empty.

Now you have decided it’s time to find a new partner, The over 40 dating site is the place to be If you hate having no one special in your life, then you have found the solution.

You do it and tentatively puts a finger up.“More” you hear me say. You feel your bum being widened all the time and are ready for my cock.We parted with a hug and a brief kiss and decided to meet the following evening for some more serious fun.The kind of fun we had discussed in numerous messages on a very dodgy dating site.You put two and three fingers and start to stretch it because you know my cock is going in there and preparation is everything when it comes to having enjoyable anal sex. You feel how I enter your bum but my cock is not completely hard.I force it in but it’s difficult as it isn’t completely erect.

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Your head is outside the table and is hanging down. I start slapping your cheeks and face with my cock.

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