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Most apartment and condominium complexes have at least one outdoor pool, and if you date a Floridian homeowner who doesn't have a pool, they probably have plenty of neighbors and friends who do.

Florida is full of beaches, lakes, swamps, forests, and other backdrops for rugged outdoor adventures.

If you want to share a sunset kiss or dance in the rain together, it's easy to make it happen.

The things that scare most people are just part of daily life for Florida residents.

If there's a hurricane on its way, Floridians don't panic; they just fill the tub with water and grab the battery-powered radio.

If you're a diehard sports fan, you've probably combed Zoosk for other singles who like sports…

Most single Floridians look like they just got back from a cruise, and thanks to liberal dress codes in many workplaces, weird tan lines aren't a problem either.

If you don't associate Florida with beaches, theme parks, or idyllic retirement communities, you probably associate it with weird news stories.

Florida has more in common with California than Alabama, but it's still a southern state with plenty of old-fashioned southern hospitality to go around. Even if your Florida friend doesn't live in a beach town, there's always a beach less than two hours away, and they probably know a secret spot that tourists haven't discovered yet.

Floridians know which public access spots are tucked between mansions, where to spot dolphins, and anything else you'll need for a great day at a beautiful beach.

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