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TRUTH: Even if it's just a neutral peach color, I am always wearing lipstick! LIE: I broke my clavicle in a much less competitive way—by simply falling across a wet tile floor. LIE: I still haven't run a marathon, but it's on the bucket list!

Where she's from: Hermosa Beach, California What she does: Project manager, branded video production Where she blogs: Sweat and Flow Where she tweets: @amanda_gray Her favorite exercise activities: Running, HIIT/TRX, hot yoga, beach volleyball, hiking The recipe she rocks with chef-level skills: Bacon-wrapped scallops and kale salad We asked her for two truths and a lie about herself—can you guess which "fact" is false? I once broke my ankle breaking up a double play in a recreational softball game.2. Where she's from: Miami What she does: TV host, journalist, and entrepreneur Where she tweets: @Andrea Minski Her favorite exercise activities: Running and circuit training The recipe she rocks with chef-level skills: Quinoa pancakes and quinoa arepas!

He then kayaked on Windigo Lake up to Muskrat Dam, where he had to walk the winter road and do a bit more kayaking to get to Sachigo Lake First Nation.

“It is nice to see someone who is following his dream.” Gomet decided to travel across Canada was because he wasn’t happy about his job and life in France, so he decided to fulfill one of his childhood dreams.He sent packages consisting of his food supplies to the post offices in the communities he will be travelling through.Since departing Sachigo Lake, Gomet has passed through Manitoba, and has made it as far as Wollanston, Saskatchewan.“I don’t wear shoes but there is a good reason,” Gomet said.“You can’t feel the ground and you don’t take a good natural posture.” Gomet explained that wearing shoes caused him back problems, and he decided to throw them away when he read that it might help him.

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