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I was so lucky to have come across the most revolutionary piece of writing I’ve ever seen,”24 signs that she’s a slut” alternatively entitled “Why my Oedipus complex and tiny penis make me angry”. Any woman who steps out the front door, is travelling straight into the crotch of an exotic local at every destination.

Nevertheless, as accurate as the article was, portraying us sluts of the world in the brilliantly positive light, I feel that the writer, ‘Tuthmosis’, missed out on some key points which I would address. Because there’s only one place she could be going: somewhere to have sex.

Emotionally flighty girls are vaginally flighty girls, ruled by their vagina-y vaginas.

Sluts hang out in packs, they use lunches and shopping as an excuse to hunt for – well, you get the idea.

Sluts know people because they’re constantly looking for their next cock-fix.

She has a voicebox, paired with lips: an open mouth follows, and an open mouth is a mouth waiting for a penis.

Especially if she has an oddly-prounounced stripper name. Weird pronunciation = attention slut = actual slut. A country overrun with single mothers, a.k.a sluts.

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Now as I have a tattoo, a piercing, I swear, have ‘big tits’, I talk about drugs, have hooked up with another girl, have travelled alone, lost my virginity at 15, like tequila and party drugs, am friends with a DJ, talk about sex, have a bad relationship with my father and describe myself as a feminist, everyone can clearly see that I’m the biggest fucking slut known to (wo)mankind.

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