First phone call dating advice

That beautiful girl from the nightclub I almost didn't call answered my call, and ultimately ended up becoming one of the most important people I ever had in my life and gave me the deepest relationship I've ever had.

And, because I'd been so afraid to call, I'd been a hare's breath away from missing it.

anyway…” If you’re the sort of person who gets nervous talking to someone you like on the phone – whether it’s for the first time or the fortieth time – then the best thing you can do is warm up before hand. Just as you wouldn’t want to start running a 5k cold or to start pumping out reps on the bench press the minute you roll into the gym, you shouldn’t stress calling that new number without getting yourself into a more relaxed, easy-going headspace first.

Instead of putting yourself through the stress of an awkward call, schedule a specific time in the day when you’re planning to call her.

Guys, when you get down to it, all you need to know about women is we like to talk.

We love to gab, gossip, giggle and have fun with words.

So here are a few things you should keep in mind when you call her.1. Girls will be annoyed if you call them and waste their time for no reason.2. Say hey/hi/hello, and if you're just planning on a conversation, ask her how her day was.3. Most conversations never go according to plan, so don't write up a long list of questions to ask.

For example, if you want to ask her to the cinema, you should know where you're going to meet, what time, what you're going to see - just an outline of the conversation.4. Some girls may find it cute when a boy gets nervous and flustered, but others may find it annoying and a waste of time. Only talk when she's finished talking, although if she's telling you about her day and it's going on for a while, every so often you should say yeah or really?

If my lady friends found out I was giving you the inside scoop, I’d never hear the end of it! If she answers right away, she has most likely been waiting by the phone for you to contact her. Before you make a brave leap and dial her digits, ask, “So, can I call you? Women can never be too careful in the psycho-prevention department, so most of us are going to be cautious before giving away too much information. Whether it’s the first phone call, kiss or “I love you,” I want to feel confident I never rushed a man into feeling or acting a certain way toward me.So take 3 deep breaths, dial the number and talk slowly and calmly.5. or ha ha or ok, just to know that you're still listening and haven't lost interest.6. ask her favorite music genre, and tell her about yours.It is okay to ask several questions, just not at the same time or right after each other.7. End the call politely if she gives the hint that she has other things to do. In the area of romance, communication plays a vital role in the natural progression of a relationship, but it’s no wonder men are confused about how to approach women in today’s fast-paced world of communication technology.While created to help us do more faster and with smaller equipment, men and women can agree the ever-changing communication products flooding today’s market are frustrating, to say the least. Try chatting her up with witty and engaging texts and take it from there.

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