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As of 2017, the only differences between men's and women's boxing are the ones related to boxer safety.

As stated by the AIBA Technical Rules and Competition Rules: - head guards are necessary for female boxers of any age; - breast guard is advised for female fighters in addition to pubic (crotch) guard; - pregnant sportswomen are not allowed to engage in combat.

Four weeks later, an event was held between two sixteen-year-olds.

One named Susan Mac Gregor (Laurenckirk, Aberdeenshire) and the other Joanne Cawthorne (Peterhead, Aberdeenshire).

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Even though she knew it would not help her as an amateur, Grandchamp continued her efforts, and eventually did box professionally for a time.

During her battle to win the right to box as an amateur, she passed the age of 36, the maximum age for amateur fighters.

Billing herself as the European Championess, she fought both men and women.

In those days, the rules of boxing allowed kicking, gouging and other methods of attack not part of today's arsenal. In early 1926, Shoreditch borough council banned an arranged exhibition match between boxers Annie Newton and Madge Baker, a student of Digger Stanley.

An attempt to hold the match in nearby Hackney instead was defeated by a campaign led by the Mayor of Hackney, who wrote "I regard this proposed exhibition of women boxers as a gratification of the sensual ideals of a crowd of vulgar men." Women's boxing first appeared in the Olympic Games at a demonstration bout in 1904.

Its revival was pioneered by the Swedish Amateur Boxing Association, which sanctioned events for women in 1988.

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