Faulting application when updating sub table

However, you can’t apply any of these files if you have already applied "SMA_SMF_SMP_7.6_POST_HF7_P2P_v11.zip" on your environment.

SMA (Symantec Management Agent) fixes: "After upgrading CEM machines to Windows 10 CEM agent stop working and errors with the following error: Unable to retrieve NS Agent certificate from store, error: Cannot find object or property (0x80092004)" Now, regarding fixes on SWM, ECV, RTSM, TASK, ULM, Monitor, INV, AM, INVPACK, VMM, ND, PPA, RAC, WF, and DS components, those are not part of the updated P2P feature (update covers only for SMP SMA SMF components).

The administration interface is available in Manage tab under Update Manager.

v Sphere Update Manager Download Service (UMDS) is an optional module of Update Manager that you can use to download patch definitions.

This section includes information about the installation of Update Manager and Update Manager Download Service, an optional module of v Sphere Update Manager.

Installation of VMware v Sphere Update Manager requires network connectivity with an existing v Center Server system.

The Update Manager server can be installed on the same system as v Center Server or on a different system.

To use UMDS, the download service must be of a version that is compatible with the Update Manager server.

The minimum requirements to ensure acceptable performance are as follows: .

The sizing estimator calculates the size of the Update Manager database and patch store.

ECV_7.6_POST_HF7_v8(922.6 KB) SMA_7.6_POST_HF7_v11(16.7 MB) SMP_7.6_POST_HF7_v8(4.9 MB) RTSM_7.6_POST_HF7_v7(897.2 KB) TASK_7.6_POST_HF7_v6(4.5 MB) SMF_7.6_POST_HF7_v4(779.9 KB) SMA_SMF_SMP_7.6_POST_HF7_P2P_v14(28.1 MB) Monitor_7.6_POST_HF7_v2(13.7 MB) SWM_7.6_POST_HF7_v5(748.9 KB) INV_7.6_POST_HF7_v3(9.8 MB) VMM_ND_PPA_7.6_POST_HF7_v2(51.1 MB) AM_7.6_POST_HF7_v3(1.4 MB) WF_7.6_POST_HF7(74.8 MB) RAC_7.6_POST_HF7(372.7 KB) SUITE_PORTALS_7.6_POST_HF7(375.9 KB) AMS_7.6_POST_HF7_v7(1.3 MB) Inventory Serv Packv3(3.8 MB) This article contains cumulative point fixes provided to customers Post-7.6 HF7 for SMP, SMA, SMF, SWM ECV, TASK, RTSM, ULM, INV, AM, INVPACK, VMM, ND, PPA, RAC, WF, and DS issues.

Each section can be installed independently from the others.

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For more information about VMware v Sphere Update Manager, see the Minimum hardware requirements for Update Manager vary depending on how Update Manager is deployed.

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