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As the group shares their fragmented memories, some of their stories start to fit together while others just lead to more questions.

This sexy comedy proves that sometimes too much of a good thing can be the worst thing for you.

Yngvild Svee Flikke's directorial debut, based on Gunnhild Øyehaug's celebrated feminist novel "Wait, Blink", is an elegant, energetic and extremely funny portrait of three women struggling with the patriarchy as well as themselves.

This American Indie drama follows several endearing characters as they wade through life seeking happiness, peace and ultimately, love.

How will Mimi-Siku react to life in the great metropolis? Two free souls born into caged small town realities.

They grow weary of being two specks on the horizon. And so they pack their aspirations in worn out bags, whip a scarf of confidence around their proud necks and set forth.

Patti Petalson is a promising writer, but her marriage and conventional job keep her from her dream.

She longs to return to her writing, especially after running into her first love Brian Callahan, a successful crime novelist.

Kate is Patti's best friend since college; she's a tough-talking schoolteacher who plays therapist to all Patti's problems, while she's got a few of her own.

But when Rhett ends up coming along for the ride, it's three people and a giant purple puffy chair in a too-small van... The movie is about an old disabled lady who lives with her spinster daughter.

The lady desperately wants her daughter to marry, and the daughter, driven by the supposed imminent death of her mother, invites a total stranger home and introduces him as her boyfriend.

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