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If anyone is interested, I have a review of Aqua's album Aquarium. Also, Aqua did not violate Mattel's copyright on Barbie; there is no law that states their product cannot be mentioned in a song. I sincerely hope you are not really this afraid of sex, music, and Barbies and that you get a life. I have no idea who these girls are, but I find this very funny, especially the leer on their faces as they sing the male parts. Damn, Mattel or whatever that company's name is should be happy that Aqua advertized Barbie in a song. Plus, I'm glad that song exsists, so that people can realize how many dumbass blonde wannabes there are(Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, etc...) and it makes a statement. At my school we have this initiation thing for freshmen where all the freshies have to dress up in goofy costumes and kowtow to the seniors and sing some stupid song. When he says "Well barbie, we are just getting started." His voice is like totally sexy!! Aqua's most disturbing song ever, yet I cannot help but to find it funny for it disses the stereotype: "blond equals hot" in a way.In fact, according to the first amendment, they can sing about whatever they want. The link is to a french web site, but the song is sung in English: is the worst song I've ever heard! The part where she says you can undress her anywhere is so wrong! Our song was based on "Barbie Girl." And I don't find that gay because it's a girls' school. Most people don't take Aqua serious, because they were just fun music, brainless and no need to think...The department requires officers with body cameras to activate them during calls that lead to interaction with residents and searches.The newly released videos, totalling 2 1/2 hours, are a sample of hundreds of hours of body-camera recordings and do not provide a complete view of everything police discovered when they entered Paddock’s suite.An officer told others to watch where they were stepping.“I don’t know what that is, but there’s a wire there,” the officer said.He then turned toward the room’s door and said, “He put cameras up on the peepholes and all that.

The chorus might have a deepe meaning:"Life is plastic".Toronto is the site of an awful memory for the band — the death of Scott Johnson — as well as the legal system’s failure to hold anyone accountable, writes Ben Rayner.Johnson’s father hopes that the two shows will let band ‘draw a line’ and move on.If anyone's rights were violated, it was Aqua's from Mattel's frivolous lawsuit. Next time whoever wrights a song they should learn to put down words that children want to hear! It went "I'm a freshie girl in a senior world."This song is like the greatest. Which is nice sometimes, though they've got a few serious songs too which are actually pretty decent.Oh, and incase you didn't pick up on it, "Life IN plastic, it's fantastic" sort of suggests that protection IS used, but then again, the song is a satire on the over-objectification of women, so that really doesn't matter (oh, and that also means the song is NOT offensive to women.) And please don't say pubic hair is "taboo." We all have it. This song was used here in Venezuela for the presidential campaing of Irene Saez, a former Miss Universe (peroxide blonde) who managed to get elected as mayor of Chacao, one on the districts in Caracas.

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