Edison chen dating 16 years old

He is the founder of the fashion label CLOT Inc and is also CEO of the record label Clot Media Division Limited.He is currently living in Hong Kong and relocated in Taiwan in 2013.One of the teenagers swung at Edison and hit him in the right ear.The two teens ran off whilst Edison gave chase for nine city blocks before returning to the same shopping arcade.He dabbled in modelling as well including Levi's Jeans and Samsung Cellphones.Since then, he has involved with numerous films and advertisements.Eventually, Chen got out of his car, kicked the taxi several times and broke all the windows. In January 2008, Chen was involved in a widely-publicized sex scandal which involved multiple sexually explicit photographs of himself and other people were circulated on the Internet.

He is idolized for his "cool" attitude and his good looks, though critics cite him as conceited ("chuen", "串", in Cantonese slang).Although he's untrained in singing, he is known for his distinctive head and nasal voice, Chen possesses the vocal range of a lyric baritone for his sweet and mild singing voice while his tessitura is in the range of E3 to F#4.During his years as both Cantopop and Mandopop singer, he has been known to sing "typical pop songs" where he showcase his distinctive natural vocals on his early recordings.Rising to fame, he quickly established himself as the best selling balladeer by having his CDs sold over in millions before verging to Rn B and Hip hop.He is known for his deep-airy and lyrical baritone voice as both a Cantopop and Mandopop singer.

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