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Anceitor worship seen in Teraphim, Elohim as ghoste'J (witch of Endor) sacrifices to dead (Is.

This doubtful, since the last is attributed] to Moses, and the descent is not traced through females.

The inscription is really a hymn to Osiris, and all that we learn about the deceased personally is, that he was " president of the unguent preparations of the double white house of the lord of the two earths," and also " chief of the royal wig of the good god." His son was the " chief of those who listen to complaints." And this brings us to the last stele.

His official positions were that of "Royal scribe, member of the privy council, and apparently he had the charge of the accounts of the chapel.

But his bow [the lakes of the Horns] abode in strength.

It is at the south-east extremity of the Reian Basin, or Southern Horn of that Bow which defied the heat of summer and the arrows of the Sun-worshippers when the 480,000 men under Alisphragmouthosis could not dislodge the inferior numbers, assailed by sea and by land (Josephus contra Apion, I).

The order in which the tribes are named is not that of birth, numbers, social rank, or prosperity.

Animal vwi Mip seen in the Golden Calt brazen serpent, secood coromandme Dt (" thinp which are in heai Tn above," &c = birds, beasts, and fishes), and in Isaiah livi, 17.It is preserved in the Louvre, and was erected in honour of Ames-mes, otherwise called Kanre, or the Carian.He was also computer of the labours performed there, and was super- intendent of the work of the priestesses of Neith.103-109) one of the most instructive texts containing the ideas of the old Egyptian people about the life in the other world.How, the ancient Disopolis Parva, stands on the western bank of the Nile, a little to the north of Kasr es-Sydd, the Kh^noboskion of the classical geographers, and to the south of Farshiit and Abydos.

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