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cooling and still soaking his pale trembling little hands … hands that frantically touched his mother's icy skin, touched her lifeless hands and cried distraughtly when they found no pulse, no breath, nothing … Anger at the horror that had happened in his territory cursed through Kyouya's veins, and when the police came at least he remained silently with the Little Animal, driving within the ambulance to the hospital; his sharp glare and thunderous scowl enough to cow anyone standing in his way. He didn't want to inconvenience his Tou-san by calling every second of every day, didn't want the unfamiliar man to be angry with him for being penetrant and disrupting and making a nuisance of himself; he knew that Tou-san had important work to do, Kaa-chan had always told him how diligently Tou-san took care of them and he … And wasn't that just ironic, in a time-line that wasn't ever meant to deviate like that? Three lives that so often would have went unmentioned in a future that never came true, proved to be a vital turning point, their continuance so much longer than fate had originally dictated, and as such, they manage to accomplish more, had their own objectives, motives and approaches inherently different to those the 'Il Saint di Cielo' would have employed and held dear. But what didn't change was the simple fact that they were skies, and that they embraced the elements around them while establishing themselves as leaders, no matter how weak or strong their flames were. Broke a little more …All he wanted was for his Kaa-chan to wake up! Making sure that at least the Little Animal was still breathing even though he saw only too well that any help for the older Herbivore would be too late, he called the police and stayed as a silent vigil until they and the ambulance arrived at the little family home. His fingers twitched, begging to dial the nowadays very familiar number, but he managed to barely reign himself in. Through the prolonged and prosperous life of the three oldest Vongola brothers, the lives of dozen others were irrevocably changed.

The day Uni took over as the Sky Arcobaleno, inheriting the power from her late mother, she had vision of a future that could have been but would never come to pass, and, once awake again, called Kawahira to a meeting before showing him her dream; the beautiful dream of a future that would never come to pass; a future in which they were all free.They did not expect him behave shy or timid, and it was actually sweet relief to hear Xanxus rage against them, cursing and crying, his voice breaking in pain and anger, his flames so full of wrath it was nearly heart-wrenching to witness, but his three older brothers were nothing if not tenacious and would not be deterred; if he could still threw a tantrum, than he was still their brother. As determined as he was in protecting Vongola, even fiercer burned his flames while he spearheaded the Varia as their Sky Guardian and Boss.Even though he still gave his old man the cold shoulder. And though disaster and tragedy struck, it was indeed thanks to his brothers that he didn't fall back into a mindless rage upon their deaths, forced losing one after another, while Xanxus was powerless and terrified. With each tear he choked a little more, held a little tighter to her cold limb hands. Infuriated by what the older boy thought was the skipping of a younger pupil; he investigated and walked into a veritable slaughter scene. Faithfully waiting for his Tou-san, a man he hadn't seen since he was four, to call back. The darker the cooling blood turned, the more light and hope left those beautiful eyes, paling into emptiness as the sweet and cheerful son who adored his beloved mother like she was the sun, the moon and the stars themselves, lost himself in the overflowing sea of emotional pain shattering his world. They were discovered by none other than Hibari Kyouya, the demon child of Namimori, himself.

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In a world, where three happenstances changes everything, Tsuna is, after well over a decade of no contact with his blood Family, asked to commit to the Famiglia as Vongola Decimo. Gifted with a beautiful name that translated lovingly into 'lucky rope', an irrevocable testament of the deep love his parents shared and a permanent reminder that he was wanted, he was a child conceived in love; his parents little miracle child that came into the world on the eve of the 14th October 1990. No one had the right to intrude on his territory and damage his herd. even if it was out of annoyance, and to ask what the hell was going on. She was truly the only one who was always there, who loved him unconditionally. He was alone in a world that was cold, unforgiving and cared nothing for a little boy whose mother died and father was so far away and shamefully disinterested that he didn't even call back to acknowledge his wife's death. His faith in adults, in parents had been broken, but …Now … They reigned in the Vongola, first in response to the Varia and then, just a few years later, when the troubles with the newly-formed Millefoire escalated, and they were forced to apprehend Byakuran before he could become too much of a problem for everyone. Each of the three had their own set of complete guardians, of loyal friends who were completely faithful to them.

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