Doctors dating patients in arizona

The industry faces an aging population, new regulations and technological breakthroughs.With that in mind, we asked a panel of experts the following key questions: What are the biggest issues facing doctors today?Some states have dramatically different views on the doctor-patient relationship -- Florida passing laws trying to prevent doctors from discussing gun violence with patients is one example that should be highlighted in the current political climate.What tips can you offer current medical students about what specialty to pursue and where to practice?The medical profession has also been undergoing intense transformation in recent years.Health-care reform, the rise of branded hospital networks and the retirement of Baby Boomers are all complicating the lives of doctors.

The legal climate and tort reform are ongoing issues in many states.But now, access points for patients -- in Medicaid, especially -- are being put into question.How does state and local policy influence the lives of doctors and other medical professionals?In evaluating the best states for doctors, what are the top five indicators? What I will say from my own context is that Ohio has some of the best and most innovative health institutions in the nation.It is also a state that has some of the biggest health challenges.

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Malpractice insurance is high in some states as to make practicing some specialties prohibitive.

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