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At that point, a man squeezes a pump located in the scrotum, which deflates the cuff enough so that urine can flow (see B). One challenge is riding a bike, because you need a flat seat so that your weight is better distributed, rather than concentrated in the middle. But I can go out now and play football with my boys. Once I dealt with the incontinence issue, when I felt that I was 98% back to normal, then I could really focus on the sexual part. It’s made our sexual relationship deeper and stronger. And sometimes the way we’ve been doing things is not necessarily the best way.So it’s given me time to reflect about how to make it different and be more thoughtful, and I think that plays out well for my wife.

The story of how he eventually overcame this problem may be helpful to other men in the same situation. Even though I knew this is generally a disease that takes a long time to grow, I still wondered how much longer I might have to live. He looked at my medical history, then he looked me in the eye, and he said, “I know I can cure you, but the research is not on my side.

Christopher Miller* is a real estate agent who is married and has two sons. Miller struggled for almost two years to overcome persistent urinary incontinence. We’d been married 32 years at that point, and I worried about what impact this would have on her.

After a great deal of research and consultations with five doctors, Mr. Although he considers the operation a success, in that it has apparently eradicated the cancer, Mr.

I think you have to find a doctor who will give you the right information.

The hurt for me was not necessarily that I developed incontinence.

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But as time went on, nothing was getting any better. In a typical visit, I waited a half hour or an hour to see him for literally five minutes, and then he moved on to the next person. I had no problem at night, and I think for most people that’s the case.

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