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Pale blue exteriors on hollow ware & rims of flatware; white interiors on hollow-ware & centres of flat ware.

Early production included flan dishes, souffle dishes etc.

Check teacups for extra lines round the undercurve to date the pattern; later versions were plain.White anenome style flowers grouped in threes & fours. Base glaze can be flecked, later versions more solid with more pronounced brown edge.A number of shape changes occurred on items like mugs, jugs, butter dishes etc, and the range of pieces varied right up to discontinuation in 2000.Some new items added - see your local Denby retailer for details. Has the pattern applied as a band of green and orange diamonds outlined heavily in black with vertical separation lines. A white porcelain range introduced to meet the present market needs.Jerry=====================Reply by Peter (admin)To:- Lord Nelson Pottery - date of mark query. Lord Nelson Ware started life in Hanley, Staffordshire in 1880 (that is according to Goddens - some other accounts say 1758) as the rather wonderfully named Elijah Cotton (Ltd).

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However, they invented the brand "Nelson Ware" in about 1913 and then the term 'Lord Nelson Ware' seemed to appear around the 1950's (could be earlier though).

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