Diablo updating setup files stuck

I'm still troubleshooting at this point, but I still have yet to find any solutions.

I've ruled out the modem/router because two machines are both in this same room, both wired.

This was 2-3 weeks ago and I did all the troubleshooting steps and even sent the retards at blizzard my dxdiag files and everything and they sent me some crap like I need to update my network card driver a week after I fixed the crap myself.

-Download a folder from someone else-I am now having issues with their lastest patch...

Safemode(even though Secondary Login doesn't work there). I'm not completely illiterate on the computer but this game is just not wanting to install.

Reboot with the appropriate selections in MSCONFIG, ran setup on roommate's networked computer (Vista 64bit) and then copied all those files to my computer. I've NEVER had a game just not install by running the installer.

I'm trying to install the client on a different computer, but the setup gets stuck at ~70%.

I have the entire 7g of install files, but I can't initialize.

I already tried every kind of troubleshooting steps made by Blizzard and nothing seems to work with this.What happens, is that I use the setup from the download client location from my account, or the one in the folder that I downloaded from the alternate location, but both get stuck.What's worse is that if I let it sit for more than 10 seconds, the computer seems to lose connection to the internet until I restart. I have it set to 'automatic' in services, and made sure that the service was started, but this doesn't change anything.The ugliest part is that I could play D3 for some time when the game was released.I had installed with no problem and could play for a week.

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I'm getting frustrated and starting to think that I waste my money for a game that I cannot play. Can't even tell ya if i'll have problems with the launcher or not..

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