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Among the players who made direct or veiled jokes about the situation were the Portland Trail Blazers’ C. Mc Collum, the Indiana Pacers’ Trevor Booker, and, of course, the Sixers’ own Joel Embiid.Embiid later said in a television interview that Colangelo had contacted him and denied ownership of the Twitter accounts, which featured several messages that were critical of the big man.Embiid later said on Twitter that, all jokes aside, he believed Colangelo because the other option was too ridiculous.

Either way, when the final report lands, it will make for some interesting reading.

It’s too early to say what the long-term ramifications of this latest bit of ridiculousness will be within that context.

But as players and executives across the league took to Twitter on Tuesday night, their immediate perception of Colangelo was clear.

It was after his third marriage crashed that he got married to Annie D’Angelo, who meteorically rose to prominence because of her relationship with the music star.

As earlier mentioned, D’Angelo owes her rise to fame to her husband.

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