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Now available in gold, alongside the space grey and silver finish versions, the new i Pad Air 2 takes its namesake to even greater extremes.It's thinner than a standard pencil, as the advert likes to show off, measuring just 6.1mm thick, making it among the thinnest tablets you can buy.It's might not be the most resolute on the market, but it looks great, helped along by some new technologies.

One year on and it's the turn of the i Pad Air 2 to take the stage, but this time around it pushes ahead in the power stakes, trumping the quietly announced i Pad mini 3 and making clear it is Apple's flagship product.

That's handy if you are playing games, watching movies in bed with the bedside lamp still on, or reading - basically for all situations.

The i Pad Air 2 debuts Apple's Touch ID to the i Pad line-up for the first time (alongside the i Pad mini 3).

Sadly the i Pad Air 2 doesn't get the curved glass as found on the i Phone 6 and i Phone 6 Plus. For original Air users looking to upgrade, the design isn't going to be enough to make you uncontrollably drop everything and upgrade after just a year.

For owners of one of the first four generations of i Pad, the Air 2's size and shape will certainly appeal.

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In numbers Apple claims the new A8X chip delivers 40 per cent faster CPU performance than the previous A7 chip and 2.5x the graphics power of the previous generation.

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