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Last week I put out the Pilot Marriage Shake-Up: Dating Challenge!

for anyone who wanted to participate, and it got a great response!

For the second part of the Pilot Marriage Shake-Up: Dating Challenge, we went on a date that my husband, Scott, planned. (Here’s how the first date went, in case you missed it.) It started out by him driving me to the secret location. (Obviously, since that’s one of the rules of the challenge.) We went inside, got our gear, and were helped by a super nice guy behind the counter who helped us choose which gun we wanted to use.

I was a mixture of nervous and excited – what if he picked something lame? There are SO many to choose from, I had no idea of the vast amount of different types of guns available.

Many people are good at using their looks for their own advantage. If the person you’re having an online date with says he or she needs some money, then just drop him or her, no matter how attractive that person may be.

Whatever may happen in your conversations, never get to the fact that you’re going to give any amount of money.

What the online dating site gives for the other people to see is enough, nothing more.

Even if you’re just chatting online, still bad things may happen to you if you’re not careful. When the person you’re talking to asks for some cash, stop the conversation immediately.

You should just calmly report them to the online dating service.

Like I mentioned before, there is science behind the Marriage Shake-Up Dating Challenge.

Studies show that couples who try new things together have happier relationships, and are more satisfied.

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