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It has never, I repeat, never failed mechanically (the operator has).I believe all 101's are made the same, so my up-graded Diamond-grade is immaterial, except for appearances. Much like the original comics, the MAX imprint version of Frank Castle became a vigilante when his family was gunned down by mobsters in 1976. Rorke's Drift, The Killing Fields, the first day on The Somme. And only now, pouring automatic fire into a human wall — do I feel something like peace.", you get what is collectively called "The Punisher MAX". What sets him apart from his mainstream counterpart is that this version, written almost exclusively by Garth Ennis for four years, features no superheroes and is deeply rooted in more disturbing forms of crime and horror — including but not limited to: The Mafia, Irish terrorist cells, Eastern European slavers, corporate tycoons and real life wars. It is also considerably less funny than the mainstream Marvel series, though there are touches of dark humor here and there. I put him in the right place at the right time to kill the maximum number of people; without me the body count for those ten years would be a fourth of what it is. Watching you kill is like watching Rembrandt paint, or hear Mozart conduct his 9th symphony. Thank you for being Frank: You get the other guy on the ropes. Click for more info WINCHESTER 101 FIELD GRADE 20GA Maker: Winchester Model:101 Field grade Style: Shotgun Action: Over and Under Gauge/Caliber:20 Engraving: Standard Grade 1 Barrel Length:26 1/2" Chambers ...Click for more info WINCHESTER 28GA 101 PIGEON GRADE LIGHT WEIGHT WINCHOKE, 28" WINCHOKE BARRELS, ENGLISH GRIP STOCK, 98% CONDITION IN CASE WITH ORIGINAL BOX, FLUSH WINCHOKES & WRENCH, 4 TUBES, FULL, MODIFIED, IMPROVED ...

Click for more info 6342 Winchester 101 Field 28 gauge 28 inch barrels skeet/skeet, 98% condition, all original, Winchester butt plate, 2 beads, pistol grip with cap, nice figured walnut in stock and forend, bores brite/ ... Click for more info 5081 Winchester 101 Field 20 gauge 28 inch barrels mod/full,2 3/4 and 3 inch chambers, vent rib blue engraved receiver, ejectors, RED W pistol grip grip, fist 3 years of production, Winchester butt pl ...

I have been offered an old Winchester O/U shotgun model 101.

The gun is in good conditions and it was made in Japan.

Click for more info 6098 Winchester 101 Field 12 gauge 30 INCH BARRELS RARE, MOD/FULL, NEW IN BOX, HANG TAG, PAPERS, CORRECT BOX, 30 inch barrels are RARE,ejectors, pistol grip, butt plate,vent rib, box has all the innard ... Click for more info 6264 Winchester 101 Lightweight 12 gauge 27 inch barrels 3 inch chambers, Win chokes ic,mod, f xf, coin silver game scene engrave receiver vent rib ejectors,pouch and wrench, Winchester butt pad, all ...

Click for more info Winchester Model 101 Pigeon Grade ( XTR ) in the box NEW unfired 12 Ga. Click for more info 6267 Winchester 101 Field 410 gauge 28 inch barrels, skeet/skeet, AA FANCY TIGER STRIPED WALNUT, vent rib, pistol grip ejectors, White line pad lop 14 1/4, 98%-99% condition opens and closes tite, se ...

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