Dating the oldest new testament manuscripts

The oldest extant Old Testament text dates to the 5th century.These are about as old as the earliest Greek texts, and much older than all extant Hebrew texts except for the Dead Sea Scrolls.

This translation is believed to have taken place in roughly the first century AD. Earliest "surviving" Aramaic manuscript (a.k.a Syriac) dates to 5th century AD (Syriac manuscript # 14,470) which is available at British Library.

And this question leads to another important question: Even if it was written at an early date, how do we know the New Testament that exists today is the same as the original?

How do we know the modern translations aren't full of human errors, additional content, or the interpretations of countless human scribes?

This tradition is widely believed to date back to the late 2nd century, and appears in the quotations in the writings of St.

Ephrem an Eastern church father in the from the 4th century. Ephrem suggest that there were Old Syriac versions of Acts and the letters of Paul, but there are no extant original texts.

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