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1577 accessed on Dec 22, 2010) Read the full story including the meanings of the terms BC and AD, who determined it and how we began using BC and AD here.

With that achievement firmly in hand, he came to Rome and knelt during Christmas Mass at the shrine of St. Where Pope Leo suddenly and dramatically crowned him emperor: “So it was that Charlemagne came to rule as a second Constantine. The whole coronation, Charlemagne would later declare, had come as a surprise to him, a bolt from the blue.

Where were the Christians who could possibly argue with that? Clerics in Charlemagne’s service had accordingly begun to measure dates from ‘the year of our Lord’ – ‘anno Domini.’ “Here was a sense of time Christian time that far transcended the local: perfectly suited to a monarchy that extended to the outermost limits of Christendom.

Charlemagne crowned upon the exact turning point of a century could hardly have done more to identify himself with it.” (from

Over the preceding decades, the great program of correctio had begun to embrace even the dimensions of time itself.

Traditionally, just as popes had employed the regnal year of the emperor in Constantinople on their documents.

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