Dating someone you know already

They may be a completely trustworthy person, but until they’re committed to you, there are certain parts of you that they haven’t earned access to.

So ladies, if you find yourself sitting under a starry night sky with a handsome man who has a girlfriend, I don’t care how perfectly thought-out his questions are, keep it surface level!

Favorite color, candy bar, type of cheese- but that’s it.

If you’re dating someone, then doing these things can actually bring you closer together, which is what you want.

The problem happens when you are repeatedly doing these things with someone you don’t want to date (or that person is doing them with you).

If you learn to be aware of these, you will save yourself and the people in your life a world of hurt and confusion.

Even inside a relationship, it’s still important to set emotional boundaries.

You can’t just go from level one intimacy to level ten overnight.

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