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With gentle handling they are generally quite tame.

In general, rabbits are timid, non-aggressive and sociable with each other.

“Look, darling,” he said, “I know it’s my birthday tomorrow but I don’t want to do anything special for it.” Liz thought, “I wish I _________CAN_________ cancel the party but I can’t – it’s too late.

The party will take place anyway and it will be the _________GOOD_________ party ever”.

Holland, Portugal and Spain had colonies in South America, and the explorers brought to Europe gold and precious gems, along with other unusual and exciting finds.

Little is known for certain about how guinea pigs were first introduced to Europe and North America as a domestic pet, but they most probably came during the 16th century.

Our focus is on educating the public through fun and exciting activities that allow them to interact with the animals. Father’s Day Father’s Day has been celebrated for over 100 years.

The cake __________DECORATE________ with chocolates and jellies, and it had as many candles as the number of years Carlos had reached that day.

Liz was looking forward to Saturday because it was her husband’s birthday.

She had been preparing for this event for a long time.

Traffic jams are getting worse, queues longer, power cuts more common, bad air quality more threatening to human health.

There are various ideas about how a future city should look.

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This is usually due to loss of habitat as a result of human expansion, or it could be due to excessive hunting.

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