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They are "natural born tricksters", tricking Sims using different interactions. The more they use magic, the more abilities become available.

They can receive different auras, and the ability to use fairy pranks.

Although fairies are "natural born tricksters", not every trick will be successful.

Sometimes, their tricks will fail, causing some negative effect to either the fairy, the affected Sims, or both.

Since fairies love to trick, they can do so with the available interactions, depending on what Fairy Magic level they are on. This boosts social and fun motives for both the Fairy and Sim.

Some of these are: If Seasons is also installed, fairies can cast Reviving Sprinkle using the Weather Stone, which turns rain into flowers.

All the gardens in the current world will be magically watered and fertilized, vanishing weeds off and revived dead plants.

The wings' color is the same in the fairy's natural form.

In the Basics section, there is a second tab which is labeled as Fairy Basics.

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Fairies live longer than normal Sims just like werewolves and vampires.

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