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Val leaves the party, and rushes to fetch his mother and bring her back to the party.

Maggie, who has come back to the bar, is a witness as Val introduces Ellen to Mrs.

At the end of this experience they’ll choose which of their naked dates they would like to continue dating back home. Naked daters will bare their soul and a whole lot more in this groundbreaking dating experiment.

On the premiere episode of Dating Naked, two daring singles, Joe and Wee Wee, each go on three romantic, adventurous, tropical dates in the hopes of making a lasting connection.

After the party, Val follows her home, and persuades her to move in with them.

Williamson, who was about to hire Val, but wants nothing to do with him when she finds that his mother is neither of her class nor cowed by her.

Kalinger Junior also finds Ellen appalling, but Kalinger Senior is delighted, and decides to marry her.

The next morning, Ellen arrives with her things, and continues the deception, explaining to Val that a mother-in-law in the house would only cause friction. Maggie's mother (Miriam Hopkins) comes to stay with them.

She is a snob, and disapproves of both Val and Ellen.

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