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Maybe it’s just that I’m an easygoing guy—I’m certainly catholic when it comes to the company I keep.Many of my San Antonio friends don’t have college degrees, and one or two haven’t finished high school. Saint Mary’s for a beer and a pizza, I usually end up talking about my beloved Spurs.) If you’re an old school humanist of the Studs Terkel variety, you can be very happy here.If you’re looking for New Yorker cocktail parties and limousine liberalism, however, you’ll probably be disappointed. I like that, because it makes me feel like I’m living in the world rather than some shiny happy enclave where everyone looks, talks, and thinks just like me. And you have to side with the quirky, the out of the way, and the underdog.I moved here five years ago to begin a professorship at the University of Texas at San Antonio, where I teach cultural anthropology. The area is definitely “in transition.” There are two derelict properties for every rehab, and the stray dogs probably outnumber the kept ones.I’m a Chicago native, and I’ve lived in Minneapolis, Boston, and Quito, Ecuador. But, I don’t mind the gritty, dilapidated feel, which is characteristic of much of San Antonio.In an important sign of things to come, some of our young Democratic politicians are rising stars.(Diego Bernal and Castro brothers: get me a cabinet position!

I’ve met Callie, and I know many of the people whose stories she shared. Some of my favorite restaurants and watering holes are just blocks away, and Pearl Brewery is a 10-minute walk down the street.

San Antonio is by far the friendliest city in which I’ve lived.

It feels much more like a community than Austin, where I spend a lot of time.

Fabian Villa has been documenting Tobin Hill’s social scene for a few years.

To see some of the usual suspects—including an embarrassing shot or two of yours truly—check out his recent albums at Essentials.

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One of the biggest misconceptions held by young outsiders is that San Antonio is deeply conservative. But, it’s rare that I come across belligerent Republicans. There are plenty of military people around, but I’ve had many in my classes, and most are surprisingly liberal.

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