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In the back of your mind, you already know this person has been single for the last 5 years because you haven’t seen them in a photo with anyone but their dog since 2012, but here goes nothing…

“So, when is the last time you had a girlfriend/boyfriend?

Joey Levin is the CEO of IAC, the company that owns a majority stake in Match Group (which in turn owns Tinder, Ok Cupid, Match, and Plentyof Fish).

He responded to the news with a very direct taunt: “Come on in. Their product could be great for US / Russia relationships.” Match Group CEO Mandy Ginsberg gave a more measured response, though it was laced with a direct reference to Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica data breach fiasco: “We’re flattered that Facebook is coming into our space — and sees the global opportunity that we do — as Tinder continues to skyrocket.

Or, on second thought, cover your ears, Katy Perry!

Sure, no one wants relationship advice on their current paramour from their ex-husband, but when it comes to the romantic reputation of John Mayer, Russell Brand knows of what he speaks.

Dating app executives took the opportunity to chide Facebook for its tattered history of data privacy practices and for allowing Russia to meddle in US elections.

Meanwhile, the two leads came out as a couple to back in 2014, ahead of the second season premiere, and have been doing just fine balancing their work and love life ever since.

In 2016, ahead of Season 4, it was revealed they were expecting their first child. Russell already has two other children, River and Willa, from her first marriage, which ended around the time she began working on the show. With the Emmy Awards coming up and the couple with his and her nominations, we expect the two of them to be in full adorable force on the red carpet as well as at the after parties.

Let’s face it, before you go on a blind date you look online to try and find out everything that you can about the person you are about to meet for the first time.

You find yourself scrolling through many pictures …

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