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Don't be surprised when the Dems try banning everything and taxing all else if ever given back the power .... My commentary and links may not quite be blog but close enough, so here goes. @David Petronis By David Petronis Some days I don’t even want to get out of bed but on this recent Friday morning I woke up and was just ready to go. No, not actors on a stage nor even movies, but we produce Gun Shows or Arms Fairs as we like to call them, and have had our share of TV notoriety over the years.

It started as a compilation of comments in no apparent order in what appears as continual words of wit or wisdom or wisecracks.

Continuing a 27 year tradition, Remington announces this year’s knife, “The Big Daddy Barlow”.Today you could spend 0,000 or more just to tear down some old camp and build a dream house mansion.What a different world our kids will live in, certainly a more clean and beautiful one in this area.Both possess iconic names in the outdoorsman / hunter / sportsman arena. I am sure a firm like Buck has an excellent quality control that will only let the finest knives pass. I am also lucky enough to not have personally experienced this shortcoming. the QC issues did diminish coincident with that contract. Both companies possess an historically proven value of both quality & concern for their customer base. Keeping the Bullet Series under USA manufacture is a sage decision. Many of the companies now are producing here and abroad. As long as quality control is there I am not totally opposed to the split.

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