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In this case, it becomes reality because your anxiety causes you to be needy and clingy — and completely kills any attraction he felt for you.Often, problems in relationships don’t require answers — they require a different belief system.It's not your words that make a man attracted to you; it's the experiences you create with him.Watch or play sports together, be competitive in casual games like ping pong, and even add a little teasing and sarcasm here and there. RELATED: 11 Little Things Men Secretly ADORE About The Women They Love2. Lots of women mistakenly believe that men are looking for a "weaker" woman who will make them feel like they're smarter and more powerful. Real men want a woman who inspires them because she has great things going on her own life.Feelings by themselves don’t scare a man, It’s what you’re doing with those feelings that makes all the difference.What will drive a man away: The most certain and complete way to drive a man away (and as far away as possible) is to become overly needy, clingy, and suspicious because you’re feeling unsure of where things stand or what he wants from your relationship.

What’s interesting is that what drives a man away isn’t showing him how you feel or being honest.If she lets her emotions get out of control, this is a big red flag to him.On the other hand, if she can present her feelings to him in a calm, non-dramatic manner, she will win his respect and make him feel like she's the kind of woman who will be a real partner to him.If you’re constantly stressed, worried or unhappy around him — whatever the reason — it makes him feel inadequate.It’ll compel him to want to spend less time around you.

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Whatever you’re afraid of actually becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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