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The name might come from the fact that tin shears were used to cut the iron plate.

Cabinet Cards The larger version of the carte-de-visite, these images were mounted on heavy card stock to keep the photos from curling.

Since I'm no fashionista, I turned to websites such as Family Chronicle, which also has published two books on dating photos, for help in matching styles with a particular era.

The underlying principle of stratigraphic analysis in archaeology is that of superposition.

In my photo, both men are wearing loose-fitting jackets with wide lapels.

The elder man is wearing a collarless shirt — too bad, because it's easier to date men's collars and neckties.

In the early 1870s, Michael would have been in his twenties and Peter in his teens and both were living in St. Timothy would have been too young to be either brother.

Therefore the photo is more than likely Michael and Peter, perhaps taken before Peter left for Kansas to live with relatives, leaving Michael behind.

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