Dating multiple women simultaneously

But women like that are incredibly rare because I’m incredibly picky.So, I’ve learned to safely navigate the minefield of maintaining multiple relationships, the honest way.If we’re desperate to be in a relationship, we become less aware of other people’s flaws…and we sometimes settle for relationships that aren’t good for us.Seeing multiple women at the same time is my default setting because I can maintain close relationships while still leaving myself open to finding “the one”.There’s a certain stigma around men who date multiple women because so many do it dishonestly. When you tell a woman you’re seeing other women, it’s not really the “other women” thing they’re afraid of.Some of my female friends jokingly tell me that I’m a bad guy (with a wink), or give me a cheeky “tsk tsk” as if I’m getting away with doing something naughty — because . They’re mostly afraid that: The “seeing other women” thing is a trigger for those fears, so most guys feel guilty doing it.Or they just already assumed you were seeing other women, and it’s a total non-issue for them.

But that doesn’t mean that it’s unhealthy (for me or for her) to continue that relationship.I don’t really like sleeping with women when I don’t feel anything for them.It happens, and it can be fun, but it also feels kind of empty because it doesn’t fulfill my need for emotional connection.It felt different with them almost immediately and I just knew I wanted more.I genuinely lost the desire to see different women, so I stopped to focus on one.

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I tend to get really close with the women I with them.

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