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If this still sounds strange, consider that professional matchmakers charge hundreds of dollars to clients looking for a little romantic help.

You could probably con your friends into participating by buying them some pizza.

It also asks for info on how you know your wingman. Maybe you shouldn’t be on this app if you choose the latter.

In theory, Wingman isn’t so different from handing your dating profile off to a friend in a bar.

Sometimes it feels like every time I get close to someone here, I’m RSVPing to their going away party.

(Always at a bar, because our apartments are too small to have people over.) Then there’s the fact that as a 34-year-old single mom, my lifestyle is a bit of an anomaly.

Wingman has potential as a confidence-booster, too.

Your pals see beyond the personal flaws you obsess over. Their selection is a show of affection, the kind of care you’d get from a middle-school friend marching over to your crush to tell them you think they’re cute. Do your friends think you have terrible taste in partners?

Some of them definitely want to take me to yoga brunch, but I don’t care anymore. I get the feeling that instead of looking for new friends, these girls are curating them ― which friend is going to send the perfect message about me?In a come-to-Jesus moment, I found myself looking around at 34 and fearing that I hadn’t done enough to prioritize the non-love relationships in my life.That it had seemed easier to always have some dude to bang, to trade companionship and intimacy for sex rather than asking people to value me and want to spend time with me for who I am.”, which, it ain’t that obscure a reference, sister, especially when I’ve read it on 50 other girls’ profiles already today. Evidently, no one else agrees, because I don’t get any matches, not even when I get desperate and start right-swiping everyone like a horny dude playing the odds.I obsess over selecting the right picture, finally selecting one of myself wearing a polka dot dress and bright yellow tights. “I’m sure she’s fine,” I think as the blur of faces swish past.

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After some frenetic rebound banging, I quickly realized I had no desire to swipe on people’s faces, and that what I really needed was the support of my friends.

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