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I had been involved in intense dynamics whereby we foolishly believed at the time that if our relationship ended, our whole worlds would crumble with it.Now, I see clearly how juvenile that was and how it was keeping us in a parent-child dependency rather than allowing us to function as two grown adults.Although the warning signs were there from the outset, I chose to be blind to them and continue dating them anyway.Partly because I used to be a firm believer that love was capable of conquering all, and also, because I didn’t want to accept that the handsome, charming, funny guy at my side wasn’t capable of “adulting” in a relationship!In a grown-up relationship there will be no hidden agenda, game playing, control or manipulation.All the cards will be laid out so there is no need for guesswork or trying to read minds.

I didn’t need to depend on anyone else for love, happiness or anything else.One of the most significant things that highlights these types of relationships from others is that both people take accountability for who they are and are able to admit where they are going wrong. They will still have their own problems and troubles to face, but the difference is that issues will be handled with maturity and also good communication.When someone is willing to put their hands up and accept their flaws half the battle has already been won.There is no easier way to sail through life than when we are in a vessel that is able to constantly adjust to its surroundings so that it can flow freely.Trust in a grown-up relationship comes very naturally.

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