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This results in a range of X-values for the data points representing individual minerals.Since the data points have the same Y-value and a range of X-values, they initially fall on a horizontal line: half-lives will include zero within its range of uncertainty.The X-axis of the graph is the ratio of in a closed system over time.It is not easily explained, in the general case, in any other way.

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In addition, it requires that these measurements be taken from several different objects which all formed at the same time from a common pool of materials.

(Rocks which include several different minerals are excellent for this.) Each group of measurements is plotted as a data point on a graph.

Isochron dating requires a fourth measurement to be taken, which is the amount of a different isotope of the same element as the daughter product of radioactive decay.

(For brevity's sake, hereafter I will refer to the parent isotope as ).

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  1. Calling Accept Changes will not replicate these changes back to the data source if the Data Set was filled using a Data Adapter. See Updating Data Sources with Data Adapters for more information.