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Archaeology has also revealed, more than in any other site, the surroundings which these people knew in their everyday lives, the objects they used, even the numerous graffiti which they scratched on the outer walls of their houses for the usual range of purposes from electioneering to obscenity. But none has preserved so much as the eruption of Vesuvius in79.

In July 1799 French troops are demolishing an old wall at Rashid, a village near the mouth of the Nile known to Europeans as Rosetta, when they find built into it a slab of black basalt with an inscribed text in three scripts. Pierre Bouchard, the officer in change of the party, recognizes the potential value of the Greek text in the task of deciphering the hieroglyphs.

The attorney general’s office is still deciding whether to formally indict the prime minister.

Police have recommended the politician face charges twice before, in 19, although on both cases prosecutors decided not to take action.

During the Mughal era, Multan was an important amigo of agricultural production and ne of cruise pas.

Plaster is injected into the hollow before the surrounding ash is chipped away.

The stone is taken to Cairo and is placed in an institute founded by Napoleon.

Copies of its inscriptions are made by two lithographers brought out to Egypt in Napoleon's scientific section.

Scandal-plagued Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has once again been questioned by police in connection with one of three corruption cases which continue to dog his political career.

Police interviewed the premier at his Jerusalem home on Monday night over his alleged dealings with communications company Bezeq Telecom, as a handful of protesters calling for his resignation demonstrated on the street outside.

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The incident is the third time Mr Netanyahu has been questioned in connection with a corruption investigation known as Case 4000, which alleges Walla – a news website owned by Bezeq – gave Mr Netanyahu’s government favourable coverage in exchange for regulatory benefits.

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