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It’s not common knowledge, but Belgium – not France – is actually where the “French” fries where invented.

In addition to world-class food, this small country of eleven million inhabitants is dotted with absolutely gorgeous medieval cities, covered with flat farmlands that are surrounded and crisscrossed by excellent bicycle paths, and home to dense forests and ancient castles.

The entire city center of fairy-tale-like Bruges is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.Squeezed in between the Netherlands, Germany and France, Belgium is a western European country that tends to be skipped by tourists.Many visitors just stop in Brussels, the capital, on their way from, say, Paris to Amsterdam.Arguably Belgium’s best hidden secret, Ghent is a marvelous medieval city – at one point it was the largest city in northern Europe, second only to Paris.It’s a city that’s full with breathtaking medieval architecture, including churches, cathedrals, a belfry, and ornate guild houses and warehouses.

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