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And I had this question in my head about whether or not I was safer if I had a gun knowing what had happened to Trayvon Martin and Walter Scott.In the course of becoming an expert with a pistol, so much so the NRA certified me as a pistol instructor, I’ve come to find out that I’m not safer.After the Black Panthers open carried to signal to California police officers that they would defend themselves against racial attacks in the late ’60s, then-Gov.Ronald Reagan signed a state ban on open carry into law.It looked enormous, kind of like a He was smiling about it.I thought that this was really weird at the time, like a scary “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.” And I found out later from my girlfriend, who’d eventually become my wife, that this was him saying: “Hi, I’m Charles.But if they shoot me or I shoot them, then nothing gets resolved. If that person is subdued or if I knock that person unconscious with one of the candle holders I keep around, and then that person is handcuffed and we go through this system of justice that we put into place; I feel much better about that. But we don’t know about these conditions that we live in. My father was a gun collector, so he had Smith & Wessons. People watch you come and go, you know what I mean?

I don’t get to wave my credentials in front of me and say, “Hey, master’s degree! When I am protected, and my gun is unlocked and loaded, I feel as though I have a chance.

They talked about their anxieties during interactions with the police and their complex views on gun regulation.

Where gun advocates often adduce the imaginary heroics of a hypothetical active-shooter scenario to their arguments, the black gun owners we talked to referred to specific incidents, specific provocations — as if redlined, too, out of the fantasyland of American gun culture.

It’s either gonna be me or you ― and I can’t be afraid of whatever happens at that point. As far as driving around with it, I keep it locked up in my trunk. I’m not as fearful as some of the recent shootings and incidents should make me feel. Because I’m a Southern liberal, I’m like, don’t take my gun.

Even though I’m a gun holder and I’m licensed to carry, being stopped by the police still worries me. I’m not too terrified, and if I got pulled over, I wouldn’t even let them know I had a firearm since the gun would likely be in my trunk. But don’t let people who don’t need to have guns have guns. And I know that having them safely and the right people having them are OK. He owns an American Derringer M1 .357 Magnum, a Derringer .38 Special, a .40-caliber Springfield XD, a Taurus Judge revolver, a Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380 pistol and a LWRC .223/.556 M6 rifle with EOTech sights.

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The ammunition stays in one room, and the firearm stays in the other.

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