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The stock circuit is not very lound, so I've tweaked some resistor values to get more power out of it. Matti Finland Couldn't find any PNP germanium transistors so i used an NPN silicon BC109C instead.

Built as per the positive ground version with the following modifications: Power wired the opposite to the layout in order to get positive collector and a negative ground.

I measured a bunch of transistors and chose the best ones, and also carefully chose biasing resistors to get bias voltages of approx. On the third circuit I've put trimmer pots instead of biasing resistors for easier biasing.

I've used only metal film resistors and other quality components, and the result sounds very good, noise is very low.

Sounds great I change some parts to have more of a hendrix vibe, the tech of the fuzz face page by RG Keen is really helpful.

This is definately going to stay on my board for a while.

I built the positive ground version for authenticity.

The rare NKT275 definitely has the right mojo and well worth the effort to procure them.For some reason, I ended up blowing up a precious Ge tranny. I used the exact resistor values supplied by Steve from small bear. This pedal is going to be the only one to run on batteries. I built this guy in like one hour, after becoming disgusted with my "GGG" version.As usual the Tonepad version shined compared to all others.I don't like it quite as much as the Tonebender MKII, but it is still a spot on representation of the original.I didn't experience any of the "motorboat" sound some complain of either.

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Just built the Fuzz Face and got parts from Small Bear with changes to the schematic from Steve.

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